Easter Weekend on Ice

My parents took my brother and I to Disney on Ice when we were small.  I don't remember it, but Dad told me it was the most painful experience of his life.  If you know my dad and you know me, you know this translates to, "It's probably something Elliot would love."  So I got tickets for Camden and I to go see it with our friends.  It wasn't until a few weeks later that I realized our show was happening over Easter weekend.

We had planned to go to Tucson to visit my grandparents and see my family for Easter weekend.  Last year we'd just stayed home and celebrated with friends, and that was what Camden had his heart set on.  So a few days before we had an Easter egg hunt with friends in our backyard.  The kids loved it.

So we prepped ourselves for the busiest Easter weekend in Buckmaster history.  Roy loaded up the car and we headed down to Tucson to stay with my grandparents for a couple days.  My mom came down from Utah, too!  Camden loved decorating eggs with her.

We got to spend one morning with a ward I grew up in at their Easter party.  Every year I swear we go to like 4-5 egg hunts and he never gets tired of it.  Such a great tradition for these little kiddos.

GG humored Camden by playing endless games of Candyland with him, and Great Grandpa won Hallie over in record time.  We also built a zoo where it was more important to house the cars than the animals, and we went to "Rambo's house" several times to see my parent's old dog and play in the treehouse.  It's always fun to stay with GG and Great Grandpa.

Roy and Hallie stayed for Saturday's Easter festivities and GG's birthday party with a bunch of cousins, aunts, and uncles.  {PS, are these two of the prettiest ladies you've ever seen, or what?}

So excited to watch these girls become friends as they grow.  My cousins all have the cutest, sweetest kids!

Grandpa {now Great Grandpa} continues his money egg tradition for the next generation.  Usually plastic eggs are filled with change or maybe a dollar bill.  When we were growing up there was always an egg with a 20 dollar bill in it, and we would go crazy looking for that one.  I remember my older cousins scaling the rooftop and the tallest trees looking for it.

Camden would have loved it, he's just starting to grasp the money concept a little better.  But we will have to plan for next year.  Because while everyone was gorging on ham and those potatoes and singing happy birthday and hunting eggs...

Camden and I drove all the way back up to Phoenix to see Disney on Ice.  {I'm dying over Camden's Donald Trump hair in this ^^ picture!}

Our cute friends Lindsey and Lainey met us there.  It was so fun to have a princess enthusiast with us.  Camden's favorite part was Prince Phillip battling the fire-breathing dragon.  He also got really excited and waved every time the narrators {Mickey and Minnie} skated onto the ice.  Meanwhile, I was sitting there wondering how these talented ice skaters got here.  Is this what happens to the people who don't make it to the olympics?  They end up in a Tinker Bell costume?  Or is this something ice skaters dream of doing?  Either way, it looked like they were having fun.

And so were we.  The bubbles falling everywhere for the Little Mermaid was fun, and there were some cool acrobatic tricks.  Camden kept talking about how strong the princes were when they skated around holding the princesses over their heads.  But what I loved most was when he said, "How did Mickey get here from Disneyland, Mom?"

Stuff like this is pure magic for him, as it was for all the kids there.  When Frozen came on and every child in the whole place was singing along, I admit I got emotional.  Well done, Disney.

We brought Uncle Mason down from Phoenix with us and went to bed late.  In the morning the Easter baskets were filled and the eggs were hidden.

I'm convinced my grandparents live in the most beautiful part of the Sonoran desert.  That Easter morning was a perfect day; hummingbirds flying around the flowers, blue skies overhead-- it couldn't have been more gorgeous.  Camden had six adults to help him find eggs but that last one gave us a scare.  For a while I thought GG would just have to discover it later when her whole backyard smelled rotten.  Luckily we found it at the last minute.

At 11 months old, Hallie had never been the cuddly type.  Too busy.  But then over the weekend she grew very attached to her Uncle Mason and every time he picked her up all she wanted to do was snuggle!  I couldn't believe it!  I was so jealous, but so in love with them together.

Miraculously she has been so cuddly with Roy and I ever since.  It's the best.

Baby girl was interested in the eggs, but mostly in a will-these-fit-in-my-mouth kind of way.  Next year I'm sure she'll be hunting a little bit.  Mostly she was enjoying all the nice, soft grass to crawl around on and the walls and rocks to pull herself up on.

After all the eggs were found and the chocolate was eaten, we went to my family's old ward for church that morning before heading home.  I forgot Camden's dress shoes at home, but I still thought he looked quite dapper.

This year I decided that Easter is my second favorite holiday.  Obviously nothing can beat Christmas, but Easter comes astonishingly close.  I love the surge of hope and love we feel in our lives as we talk about our Savior and all He has done for us, and what that means for us as children of God.  I'm so grateful to Jesus Christ and feel beyond blessed that we can be a forever family.  'Cuz I sure do love this family of mine.

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