Mother's Yay

At times I've felt defensive about my decision to be a stay at home mom.  In society's eyes, it's just about the most un-glamourous job you can have.  I mean, I get it.  I've got designated t-shirts for when the chances that I'm going to be used as a human Kleenex are high.  

It's certainly an under appreciated job, too.  My baby screams at me several times a day for changing her diaper, like I'm just doing it to be a jerk.  "I'm the one who should be crying!  This is disgusting!" <-- That's what I want to say.  Sometimes I do say it.

But the defensive feeling has never been planted by my kids or by Roy; it comes from a weird, uncontrollable fear of what other people, nay, strangers think of me.  You know, the acquaintances you "follow" but don't actually have a personal relationship with.  There are people who treat SAHMs like martyrs--like we've given up some amazing alternate life for the sake of being home with ungrateful, runny-nosed children.

Guess what?  There is no other life I would rather have.  This is exactly where I want to be, and not just for the sake of my family but for my own sake!  Motherhood is my JAM, people!  Maybe some people can't wrap their heads around that, and that's okay.  Because personally I can't see the appeal in crunching numbers all day.  I've never enjoyed or been particularly good at math, so being an accountant has always seemed like an awful, terrible job.  Terr.i.ble.  So if that's how you feel about staying home with kids all day, I get it.  I'm not going to let that defensive feeling drag me down anymore.  I'm not super good at math, you're not super good at kids, but we can both be the happiest, most fulfilled people imaginable.  

Right?  You do you, I'll do me, and we are all awesome humans.

This stay at home mom thoroughly enjoyed Mother's Day this year.  Camden had a "Mommy's Tea Party" at his preschool, complete with a cute little singing program.  He had been asking all year {since the Daddy Night in September} when I was going to be able to come to his preschool for my special day.  It was great to have some time to focus on just him for a while.

This was Camden's contribution to the book where each kid drew a picture of his/her mom and talked about her.  Camden isn't one for artistic embellishment {we can rarely get him to pick up a crayon}, but he would never leave out mention of food - haha!  There's probably groceries in the "store bag".

In preparation for Mother's Day, I'm sure of it, Hallie became incredibly snuggly.  Whenever I ask for snuggles she drops whatever she is doing and does this:

I'm so in love with both of these kids and am so grateful that they're mine.  Hallie has been very into filling up cups or bowls with small objects, like these sea creatures.  She's also standing on her own more confidently every day.

Mother's Day morning Camden helped Roy make breakfast for me.  They woke me up at 6:30 to eat... woke me up at 6:30 in the AM... but it's the thought that counts from my early birds.  Oh, and Camden let me know that Mother's Day doubles as Rock Day in the Buckmaster house.  Apparently it's a lot like Easter, except Camden hides huge rocks around the yard that he's decorated with chalk.

Now for a few things I'm loving lately:

Book club is fun!  Last time we played Truth or Dare Jenga, and I don't think I've laughed so hard with these friends.  There was a chicken dance on Facebook Live, howling at the moon, a mayonnaise eyebrow treatment, and lots of interesting information, ha!

We had a garage sale one weekend and Camden and his friend, Jude, sold doughnuts... donuts?  Whatever it was, it was sugary and ended up mostly in their stomachs.  But they sure were the cutest tiny salesmen I ever did see.  As soon as someone reached the end of our driveway they would shout, "Do you want a donut?"  After a while they got distracted playing with toys, but would still occasionally leap to their post to offer newcomers donuts.

Also loving this pair loving their itty bitty rides.

And finally, Camden playing T-ball.  Cuz I'm not sure it gets much cuter than a 4-year-old in catcher's gear.

Happy Mother's Day to all the aunts, grandmas, teachers, and friends who influence my children for good.  We love you, and you are so important to us!

Unicorns and Rainbows - Hallie's First Birthday

Um, so my newborn just had her first birthday.

Has it really been one whole year since I first locked eyes with this incredible little human?  People have warned me that this time of life is gonna go fast, but I wasn't prepared for the fact that the more kids you have the faster it goes!  While I love watching her grow and progress, sometimes I feel a slight panic about the speed of time.  Am I soaking up these fleeting moments with her?  Am I recognizing that "the good old days" are right now?  I don't want to miss a second of this sweet baby.

Every month this year we took a picture of Hallie on her pink rug.  Somehow I've misplaced some of the pictures, but I was able to substitute other pictures from those timeframes.  So, it's not as streamlined as I wanted it to be, but watching her grow is what's important, right?

And my, how she's grown.  Just look at this tiny bean!

Since we don't live around family anymore I wasn't sure how big of a deal to make Hallie's birthday.   If it were left up to Roy we would have just sang happy birthday, searched the back of the freezer for some ice cream, and called it a day.  Which would have been fine... but that's just not in my blood.

I did concede, however, that it needed to on a much lower key than Camden's first birthday.  Throwing something like that without my mom and aunts would have been impossible.  But we have so much fun putting parties together, I was sad we didn't have them around.

Then my sister-in-law gave me a pep talk, and before you know it I had some of my family convinced to make a trip out just for Hallie!  My parents, siblings and their spouses {and Baby Jaxon!} all showed up, armed with sparkles and sprinkles.

{Zoomed into those cupcakes for you, because those toppers just about killed me.}

It was just my family, which made for a laid-back and stress-free little party.  Hallie loved the hot dogs.  She also loved this stuffed unicorn from Grammy and kept giving it "snuggles."  Every day since, she has been giving all stuffed animals within reach these snuggles where she rubs the side of her face on them.


There was no hesitation.  She dove right into that cake, and was eating up the attention as well.  Roy kept asking her to show us where her ears were, so she'd rub the cake into her hair.

Cousin bath time to get squeaky clean!

And then we opened gifts, lots of which had come in the mail from more family.  Thank you, guys!  It's fun to have some pink toys in the house, now.  Butterflies, unicorns, flowers, princesses--we're loving this!  Hallie enjoyed opening the gifts to see what was inside, as well as trying to shove them back into the bags.

We wish all of our family could have been there.  Why is Oregon so far away?  We still got to talk to Grandma and Grandpa and kind of pretend they were with us in person.  We are very excited to spend time with them this summer.

But it was fun to see that Jaxon and Hallie are getting old enough to start interacting with each other.  Granted, it's mostly staring at each other and "borrowing" toys from each other, but they get along surprisingly well.  And, of course, Camden is just like a sweet Papa to those babies.

Fun weekend with these people.  We are happy to be living in a home where we can cram everyone in alright.

Happy Birthday, Hallie.  You're a bright light in our world, and I'm not sure how we ever made it without you.  I love your stink bug crawl with your bum in the air, I love that the little playhouse in the backyard is your happy place, and I love your uncontrollable laughter when we play chase.  You're a perfect balance of sweet reliance and independence, but you are giving me a real run for my money with your abundance of sass.  What a rockstar.  We love you!