Eleven Loves

Secretly I like a sick day.  When Camden awoke in the middle of the night with a fever I was immediately making plans to stay in our jammies the whole next day.  We threw all screen time management tactics out the window, pulled out all the extra blankets and pillows, and did absolutely nothing productive.

But now it's two weeks later and frankly I want to put some jeans on.  We need out of this house!  Yet both of my kiddos are still oozing and coughing enough to warrant glares from people in public places.  So I guess we will keep ourselves quarantined for a little longer and see if I don't lose my mind.

In an effort to keep myself sane I'm going to escape into pictures of healthier times with eleven things I've loved lately.

1 - Hallie is nodding, and it's just about the cutest thing I've ever seen.  Think bobblehead.  Yesterday evening she was rubbing her eyes and whimpering so I asked, "Hallie, do you want to go night-night?"  And she looked at me and bobbed her head so deliberately I had to laugh.  She's too cute for a dashboard.

2 - Just before we came down with this plague, I took Camden to his first play.  I had a friend playing the part of Maid Marian's handmaiden in a community production of Robin Hood and thought Cam might like it.  It wasn't a short play, yet it held Cam's interest the whole time.  He had so many questions about how everything worked, I had to shush him so people around us could hear.  But afterward he asked the director if he could go backstage and he got the grand tour.  He even got to meet Robin Hood, who he hugged like a character at a theme park, completely star struck.  He told me that when he turns eight he is going to be in a play.  "Not right now, but when I'm eight."  OK bud, can't wait!

3 - When Camden brushes his teeth we sing/hum the alphabet twice as a kind of timer.  Hallie has started singing it with us in her own babbling way, and it always gets all of us laughing {and Camden spewing toothpaste}.

4 - Recently Roy got to go to a basketball tournament in Las Vegas with my brothers, dad, and practically-adopted-brother Jameson.  Roy is good at making time for me to go out and do things I like to do, so it felt good to return the favor and hold down the fort while he was away for a few nights.  Sounds like they had a blast.

5 - Camden's fish is a result of a preschool "report" on pets.  It is a blue betta fish he named Gold, but who I refer to as Satan.  I was on my way to grab some supplies for this guy when I got into that car accident, and he's been a pain in the butt every since.  But Camden loves him, so we are trying to keep him alive.  I love that Camden loves Gold and will sit in front of his little tank and watch him swim around.

6 - We've had the good fortune of recently befriending a woman in her 90s who was born and raised in London.  Even if you never heard her speak you might be able to guess she's British just by the cute way she dresses.  Anyway, you can imagine how excited I was to talk about the UK with her, and when we had her and her daughter over for dinner they brought me all kinds of books about the UK to borrow and a huge pot of flowers for my table.  Seriously lovely people that made my day!

7 - Camden is very into writing and reading lately.  Whether we are driving in the car or walking down the grocery isles he is constantly asking me how to spell things.  More often than not I feel myself wanting to tell him I'm done spelling things for him.  Ughhhhhh!  But I don't.  I take a deep breath and keep spelling, because I want him to hold onto this fascination with words and language.  I love that we share a common passion, and hope we always will.

8 - Trees are brimming with white and pink blossoms and neon green leaves are unfolding everywhere.  We are all glad to be spending more time outside in the sunshine.  For spring break we had a water party in our backyard with sprinklers and a wading pool and we had a great day at the zoo with friends.

9 - We are blessed to live close enough that our kids can have a close relationship with their great-grandparents on my side.  They are always down for a game of Candy Land, and have a fun ranch to play on.

10 -  And on that drive to Tucson we got to see the desert in the most incredible spring bloom!  I've never seen the Sonoran landscape painted in so much yellow, it was incredible.  I'm all about spring this year.

11 - This relationship.

I know I've talked about it before, but what these two have is magic.  Hallie adores Camden, always wanting to be where he is and watching what he's doing.  Camden loves trying to make her laugh.  {Heck, he loves trying to make anyone and everyone laugh, the big goof.}

Clearly there's lots to love.  Even though we're coughing our heads off we are still getting outside in this beautiful weather every day, even if it's just our driveway.  Can't wait to be healthy and venture out further.

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