Momentum of 2017

There's nothing like a car accident to bring life's priorities into greater focus.

I don't remember the accident, thanks to a really good bash on the head, but I do remember the fear and confusion after coming to surrounded by strangers.  And that fear stayed with me in the ambulance and in the ER and in the CT scanner.  But the moment Roy walked into the room it melted away.  Somehow he got me to smile again.  Lifted the fog.  Held my hand and gave me a renewed love and appreciation for what we have.  This guy is my favorite human on the planet.

Also, he's my little boy's biggest hero.  My little girl crawls at superhuman speeds to get to her daddy, wherever he is.  Watching Roy be such a sweet and caring father to both of our kids is something I truly cherish.

2017 has been the year of big goals.  One of them was to get out of debt, but we weren't planning on extra medical bills and buying a new car.  Oops!

More important are goals like; go on a date with Roy once a month.  Our dating track record hasn't been great, but this is the year to change that!  As much as I love all four of us being together, getting time away from home for just the two of us is a game changer.  It crumbles the monotony we sometimes find ourselves in, and its effects last weeks.

My mothering goal of the year is to get outside with the kids every day, rain or shine.  And my awesome brother in Phoenix is helping us achieve our temple attendance goals by watching our kids for us every other month.  I know it's only March, but I feel like we've got some great momentum right now.

Hallie is mastering her goals already, which include pulling herself up on every piece of furniture in the land and yanking every item of clothing out of every drawer.

Hallie is a determined little spirit, and has a remarkable amount of opinions for such a young babe.  She's getting around great on all fours, but really wants to be walking.  Her sweet laugh is the best sound in the world, and no one can get her to laugh quite like her daddy.  Favorite activities include pointing at things and stealing people's food.

And then there's this bond.  Just kills me.

Camden loves his primary class and his preschool class.  We're making new friends and keeping the old.

Oh, and big news!  Mickey Mouse has officially been replaced by PJ Masks, a group of kid superheroes.  Don't get me wrong, he still requests Mickey a few times a week, but PJ Masks is now the every day.  And all the make believe games involve superheroes and super villains and running at incredible speeds and locking bad guys in jail.

Four is pretty much my favorite age ever.  Camden truly has such a happy disposition, it amazes me.  He makes friends easily and is becoming so inventive and imaginative.  Still, his favorite thing to do is play tag, which he requests daily.  I always find myself dragging my feet, but eventually submitting to the game.  Without fail, it always gets me laughing and we honestly have the best time.  Even Hallie gets in on the action.  When she's "it" I lift her up and swing her around, trying to tag Camden with her toes.  That one always gets all of us rolling.

The love of hiking is still strong, and I'm planning on doing a better job getting out to do that with the kids.  I need to be prepping for a really big hike with friends this summer!

We went to a dinosaur tea party and met the author of Tea Rex.

This week all of the pink and white flowers have bloomed on the trees and I'm realizing we need to be wearing sunscreen whenever we go out.  We all got pink cheeks!  We are welcoming spring with open arms, but wouldn't mind one more snow flurry if March decided it wanted to go out like a lion.

I feel remarkably blessed to still be here with my family, and to be healthy.  My husband and kids are wonderful, healthy, and happy!  Here's to riding on this momentum and loving every minute.

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