Be Mine

Now that Camden is four he's able to have a better understanding of holidays and why we celebrate.  Valentine's Day really hit home for him in the best way.  While I've always thought of it as a romantic holiday {oh man, the elementary school drama!} Camden understood it as a day to tell everyone that we love them.  Because, as he often reminds me, he just loves everyone in the whole world.  

Perhaps this was reinforced in his preschool, which I appreciate.  Camden was so excited to make his Valentine cards for his friends and sign his name all by himself.

There was, however, a Valentine tradition that backfired.  We have a felt envelope for each family member that hangs on the backs of our kitchen chairs during the month of February.  I thought for the fourteen days leading up to Valentine's Day we could leave each other love notes or pieces of candy.  Anything to show that we love each other.

So Camden began demanding, "Why haven't you put anything in my envelope yet?"  Maybe it wasn't the brilliant tradition I thought it was.  I'll be looking for ways to fix that for next year.

On February 14th we had a Valentine picnic with neighborhood friends.  The food was all heart themed and yummy, and Hallie discovered her love for rice crispy treats.

Camden got to decorate a cupcake and play on the playground with his friends.  We love our friends!