Lake Powell 2017

I told myself I would narrow it down to a few of my favorite pictures from the trip to Lake Powell this year.  Believe it or not, this is me "narrowing it down."

Lake Powell is always a highlight of our summer.  I'll always remember that this is where Roy and I first started talking about getting married.

It was a blast hanging out with some of my favorite people - especially these ladies.  At least once a day we girls would all meet out on the lily pad in the water behind the boat to lay out in the sun and laugh our heads off.  Once we decided to weigh anchor and drift the lily pad across the way to some rocks.  We jumped off the rocks onto the lily pad for a while, and then realized the wind was against us and it would take forever to get back to the boat.  Man, I don't remember what we were laughing about, but I'm surprised we didn't all drown on our conquest.

Every year the boat is stocked with weird costumes and masks for all of the shenanigans that go on.  Sometimes they are also a useful sun blocker.

Love this family with all my heart!  {Hallie was alsleep... and Colette was left with her grandparents, haha!}  Now if I could just get all of the Collett family together for a picture!

And I can't even handle this... mini Roy and mini Kenny!!!

Those boys had grand adventures every single moment of every day on the Lake!  Oh, and Roy wore this hideous hat the entire time.  He even started wearing it on the jet ski {which bent it backward and made it useless} just to be ridiculous and just to get a reaction out of me.  I'm surprised he didn't try to sleep in that stupid thing.

 Camden was so excited to do sparklers.  I took this picture about two seconds before a spark fell into his shoe and made him swear off sparklers forever.  Bah!

These too were sooo silly.  4-year-old humor is just amazing.

Hallie loved the mud and the water.  She kept walking right off the lily pad into the water and I had to make sure I was there to catch her.  Kinda scary!  This girl does not have fear!

Also, Jaxon loved the mud too.  It was fun that he and Hallie could play together.  Also, seeing him in a mud hole like this took me right back to when Zac was this age.  Cray.  Cray.

Camden got on the knee board all by himself this trip!  We were so proud.

My favorite quote of the trip was from Kenny when we were on a slot canyon adventure.  He had climbed around the corner and we couldn't see him anymore.  His voice echoed back to us, "I'm not stuck... but I can't move."


Love Lake Powell!

A Summer in Pictures

Someone once told me that when you fall too far behind on journaling, you need to kill the urge to play catchup.  Just start from where you are.

As painful as it is, I'm going to follow that advice.  Hopefully the old adage, "A picture is worth a thousand words" is correct, because that's all I'm including to sum up the rest of our summer.  It included weddings, Kirsten's semi-annual visit, water games, picnics, Girl's Camp, chalk art, Father's Day, and lots of fun in the sun.