Cam Turns 4

Camden's birthday eve was, in reality, his actual birthday.  But he didn't know that.  We celebrated a day later to give a little time cushion between the Thanksgiving pies and the birthday cake.  So that "birthday eve" I had Jake doing a fantastically preposterous wrapping job on Camden's big gift from us.  {Bet you'll never guess what it was!}  I had Alexa blowing up balloons and I had mom setting up the table.  Meanwhile I spent a painstaking hour creating streamers from oversized confetti, little poms, and ribbon to put over the bedroom door.

In the morning I awoke to the sound of Camden's muffled voice amid the swishing streamers.  "What is this?  I don't like it!"
Awesome.  So far so good.

Roy managed to keep Camden distracted downstairs until the rest of the house awoke.  We all hid upstairs and waited for him to come up.  You see, Camden's one request was that on his birthday people would be "hiding."  In other words, he wanted people to jump out and say "Surprise!"

We did just that, which startled him at first.  But the smile slowly spread over his face when he took in the birthday table surrounded by some of his favorite people.  He had a really fun morning.  He even got to eat chocolate for breakfast.

A few hours later Cade and Danny Jay came over for cake.  We played pin the nose on Mickey, and even got the grown ups to play.

Camden sampled the cake to be sure it was good enough to serve to everyone else...

And then we sang happy birthday.  He told me later that his favorite part of his birthday was blowing out the candles.

Now my boy is FOUR!  Although we are so clearly running headlong into kidhood, he's still young enough to love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  Still young enough to be out-of-his-mind excited that he would be spending his birthday with his family in Utah instead of with his friends back home.

So I'm determined to spend the year soaking up four, enjoying all those last little bits of toddler that are evaporating every day as he grows.  Even though three years of Mickey's high-pitched voice has permanently damaged my nerves, I know someday I'm gonna miss it.

Before Camden went to bed that night I ran back and forth under the streamers until he joined me, giggling his head off.  Worth it.

Love you, Camden, my sweet boy!

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