To Hal Pal

Oh sweet Hallie Lois, how did we ever get by without you?  Your cute smile is getting even cuter with the appearance of two tiny teeth.  You are incredibly observant of all those around you, but especially children {and especially especially Camden}.  Luckily for me you are content to sit and watch the world.  You don't have any interest in moving on your own yet.

You will stop whatever you are doing and smile your biggest smile when someone is clapping their hands together, you love it.  Although you have plenty of toys, your favorite thing to play with by far is paper.  You love to flap it, rip it, chew it, and try to swallow it.  At the sight of paper towels, tags, magazines, cards, notebook paper, newspaper, etc. you will abandon everything else, reach for it and babble urgently until you get it.

My neck is often red or bruised from your ninja grip.  When I have you on my hip I haven't been able to convince you to steady yourself on my shoulders, arms, or anywhere else but the thin skin of my poor neck.  But I still love holding you all the time, and adore the way you swing your legs.

Camden is absolutely the sweetest big brother I've ever seen.  Of course, you're not yet able to toddle over and knock down his block tower, and I know that day will come, but for now I'm enjoying watching this perfectly tender relationship in its earliest stages.  Watching how much you love each other has unlocked a part of my heart I never realized existed.

Camden always notices what it is you want.  Sometimes he even "translates" your babble for me.  "Mom, Hallie says she wants some milk."  If it's a need that he can help you meet, he does it without a second thought.  And let's be honest, most of the time it's getting you paper.

We've been enjoying our perfect fall weather, slowly getting out of the house more and more as your napping schedule has solidified.  We go to the zoo, to the square, to different parks, and sometimes to friends' houses.  You're always content when you're out of the house, drinking in the world around you and watching your brother almost without blinking.

We love that Uncle Mason lives near enough to visit us regularly.  He and Camden share a love of hiking, so we do that quite a lot.  You're starting to get too heavy, we really need to invest in some kind of hiking backpack baby carrier.

I'll sign off here with some of our favorite nicknames for you:
Hallie Lo
Baby Sis
and the most popular, Hal Pal.

We sure love you, Hal Pal.

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