The Very First 1st Day of School

At this point preschool has settled itself into our normal.  But back when I took these pictures {arg, I'm so slow to catch up!} I was a mess of nerves.  Letting my baby go have experiences without me on a regular basis???  It seemed big.  This huge monumental step for both Camden and for me too!  

Roy honestly thought the whole preschool thing was unnecessary, so when I also busted out a bunch of new "Beginning of School" traditions he was... well he puts up with me because he loves me.

So the day before school began we had a New School Year's Eve dinner where we talked about what school was going to be like, but we also talked about our family theme for the school year.  It miiiight sound familiar to anyone who isn't living under a rock these days, but I absolutely love it.  

Have Courage and Be Kind.

What better phrase to engrain into the head and heart of a three-year-old boy?  Have courage.  Stand up for what is right and for others who need help.  Be kind.  Look for ways to make other people happy, despite whatever differences.  This motto has been floating around our house for a while now, but it's officially framed.

After the dinner we recorded an interview with Camden, which I hope to do every year.  It will be fun to see how his answers change.  When I asked him what he wants to be when he grows up he said, "A Daddy."  Heart melted.  He loves his daddy so much.  {And cookies, and his "Lego Man".}

The next morning we took the obligatory first day of school photos.  Who am I kidding, I've been looking forward to taking these pictures for years.  I just love the new haircuts, the backpacks, the everything.  

Granted, I went a little nuts-o on the hair gel and the backpack isn't actually allowed at preschool, but I'll cherish these pictures forever!!!  Just look at that out-of-his-mind-excited smile.

Every time I picked Camden up from preschool I asked what was his favorite part of the day.  100% of the time he answered "SNACK!"  So I changed the question.  Now I ask, "What did you do at preschool today?" and he answers, "I had animal crackers."

Typical Camden.


He also likes when the teachers read them books, loves learning silly songs, and is excited to bring home his letters to practice tracing.  But the best of the best is being the snack helper.  I love my big preschool boy!

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