The Death of Pumpkin Patch Magic

We had done the tractor ride, the hay maze, the giant slide, the pony ride, watched the dog race, and pet all the stinky farm animals.  The baby was starting to fuss and Roy was ready to take her home for a nap.  But I refused to leave without a pumpkin.  Would Camden have noticed?  Eh, we could have swung by the grocery store later and grabbed one and his little heart would still be intact.  

But when it comes to traditions I can get kind of crazy.  I wasn't leaving that farm without visiting the pumpkin patch.

Roy took Hallie to the car and I told him that Camden and I would take the hay ride out to the pumpkin patch, grab a pumpkin, and meet him back at the car stat.  All was going according to plan, other than the fact that most of the pumpkins were scrawny or squashed.  Camden and I were the only people in our section of the pumpkin patch when a truck pulled up.  

The truck was pulling a huge open trailer loaded with those big cardboard containers of pumpkins that you see at the grocery store.  Exactly like at the grocery store.  About eight men jumped out of the trailer and started strategically placing big, plump pumpkins from the trailer out into the field!

Hence my title.  Picking a pumpkin from our pumpkin patch here is a LIE!

Okay, I'm done being dramatic.  We still had an awesome time and we will be going back next year too.  This was our second time going with the Bowens--a fun tradition.

Camden was so excited about everything.  He ran from each thing to the next on his tiptoes with his gigantic grin on his face.

Hallie was happy to watch.

Meanwhile, Hallie took a nap in her stroller.  Clutching an umbrella bag.

And since there simply weren't enough pictures of this sweet girl in this post...

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