Lake Powell Times Two

My computer is finally working again, so it's time for some maaaaajor catching up.  It's hard to decide where to begin.  Outside the leaves are changing colors, but my blog is still stuck squarely in summertime.

So let's take it way back to our annual Lake Powell trip.  We actually got to go twice this year, which I don't think we've ever done before.  Twice the jet ski runs, twice the hole digging, twice the swimming.  On the first trip out the whole family was there along with the Johnsons, some excellent family friends.  The second trip the McAffees came to replace the Schultes.  They are experienced stand-ins.

 The theme for Lake Powell this year was undoubtedly babies in life jackets.  Because there's just nothing funnier than a baby face squished in a life jacket.

And the winner is...

None of the babes enjoyed being trapped in these huge floating immobilizers, but I sincerely enjoyed their hilarious faces.  Jaxon gets a second picture because - HAHA!

This was the year of the babies.  Some (me!) were feeling a bit apprehensive about the idea of having three babies and two toddlers aboard this year, all in such a small space, but it was honestly great.  No one crawled off the boat, no fingers were smashed in the sliding glass door, and there was endless squishy, sweet, smiley entertainment in the living room.

For our first trip Hallie was just coming out of that sleepy newborn phase.  She and I spent a lot of time holed up in the dark, cool downstairs cabin sleeping and eating and snuggling.  But the second trip she was ready to socialize.

Camden was more in heaven this year than ever before, always eager for the next adventure.  Not sure he stopped smiling the whole trip.  I credit swimming lessons for helping him to be more comfortable in the water this time.  There were no cannonballs or anything, but at least he would get in the lake and swim.


Every time we get together Cam and Cade quickly click back into an easy friendship even though they only see each other a few times a year.  They love trying to make the other laugh.  One thing Camden is still talking about to this day is the bridge game that they made up in the living room.  They placed a pillow across the gap between the ottoman and the couch, and they took turns pretending to cross the bridge but then falling into the "hot lava."  Oh the endless, hysterical laughter.  For weeks Cam said that was his favorite part of Lake Powell.

That wasn't the only game I'll remember.  This "Wet Head" game was entertaining.  And wet.

But my favorite game was played when the kids were all asleep.  We played "Celebrity" - a kind of mashup of Catch-Phrase and Charades.  So many funny, quotable moments.  Right now the only ones I can remember involved Darth Vader impressions and how Martha Stewart was "THE THIEF!"  Mom and Andrea especially had us rolling.  In the meantime, Mason kicked all of our butts.

There were more games.  Psychiatrist and horseshoes and Legos.  We drove the jet ski close to the back of the houseboat so little hands could wave, and we took the paddle boards out despite the missing fins.  {In other words, we floated and pointlessly thwacked the water with a paddle, going nowhere.}

This summer, with two kids, I just kept thinking about how Lake Powell has evolved for me over the years.  This was a completely different place when I was ten, when I was sixteen, when I was twenty-one.

I'm tightening little life jackets, I'm changing diapers, I'm making sandwiches, I'm applying sunscreen to tiny faces, I'm capturing moments with my camera and my heart that have almost nothing to do with me and my adventures, but everything to do with these people I love.  I get less sun, but I get more joy from watching these faces light up.  I more deeply appreciate being cooped up in this small space with my parents and siblings, realizing how much more connected I feel to each of them when I'm moving a little less.


Sometimes it's tricky keeping up with the kid-raising routine on a boat, but I love the challenge.  Well, for the most part.  I just enjoy having everyone around while I'm doing the normal day-to-day thing... plus a lake.

One morning Kenny and Cade discovered a cave near our beach, so a bunch of us went to check it out.

And oh, I can't forget about the tube!  Since Cam was so much more comfortable in the water we knew this was the year to do the tube.  He and Cade were both still a little apprehensive in the beginning.  So to warm them up, Roy pulled them around.

It was a good idea!  They got behind the boat and loved it!  Until... Roy {trying to get the boys to laugh} pretended to fall off of the tube and almost sunk the whole thing in the process.  Cade went sliding into the water and wasn't much of a fan after that.

It was hilarious to teach the boys that thumbs up meant faster and thumbs down meant slower.  Thus began the battle of the thumbs.

"Faster, faster!"
"NOOOOOOOOO!  Slower slower slower!"

This version of Lake Powell -- this young mom version -- I kind of love it.  I can't wait to watch as their adventures grow, and watch them grow through their adventures.

Until next year, Powell.

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