Hallie's Nursery

When we moved into our house we wanted a guest room, but we didn't want the kids to share a bedroom at this point.  The solution: make our giant master closet Hallie's bedroom.

In a lot of ways it made sense.  For almost four months she slept in there, where it was dark and quiet- removed from the noise of the house, and close to me so it was easy to get her and bring her in bed with me in the middle of the night.

But in the end it just wasn't worth not having unicorns.

I'm glad we moved her out of the closet.  It's worth each and every extra step across the house in the middle of the night to have this many shades of pink in our lives.

When Camden saw me taking pictures around the room he insisted on helping.  Thought I'd share this budding talent.

{Ignore me laying on the ground in my robe in the background.  Slow morning.  Beautiful baby.}

Behold... a curtain.

This smiling sweetheart is actually five months now.  I am keeping up on her pictures, but not posting them just yet.  Hallie is in the 60th percentile for weight and the 82nd percentile for height.  She enjoys playing with her toes, splashing in the tub, and loves it when someone is singing to her.  She doesn't care that neither of her parents can carry a tune, she thinks we are amazing.

She's so wiggly that taking these pictures is already a struggle.  This girl doesn't like staying in one place.  Her favorite place to be is outside, and her favorite thing to do is smile at new faces.  Still, her favorite person is her big brother.  Camden is quick to console her with his high-pitched voice reserved especially for her, and plays peek-a-boo with her on the daily.  She likes to be surprised, which Camden takes to extremes sometimes, but she always laughs.

Hallie is sitting up for short periods of time and prefers it to being on her back.  Of course everything goes straight into her mouth, be it a toy or a nose.  Beware, cuz she's got a really strong bite!  It kills me the way she wrinkles her nose when she smiles and the way she sticks one finger into the corner of her mouth.

How did we ever survive without this girl?

Guests will have to put up with sleeping in the living room, Hallie loves her nursery.

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