The Kirsten Weeks

Okay.  Hallie is three months and I wouldn't say I've "bounced back."  In fact, there's no bouncing involved, it's more like a slow awakening.  Occasionally I have to open my eyes to something outside of us that needs to get done, but then I roll over and nestle back into this baby mode with no intentions of rising from it.  Not yet.  Not too soon.  Let's stay here together a little longer.

Somehow everything outside of us is still flying by.  Today I ripped three untouched months off of the calendar.  Not one thing was written in any of the dated squares.  I crumpled up the empty pages, threw them in the trash and stared at the month of August.  Had to write a few things here and there, doctor's appointments and preschool open house for Cam.  I can sense that we are ready, that we could get up and get out into normal life if we wanted to.  But not yet.  Not too soon.

What I should be doing is keeping up on our family chronicle.  I want to remember these days.  They are slow-paced but they are still fun and adventure-filled, especially for our boy, thanks to friends and family.

Like Kirsten coming for a two-week visit.  Naturally, Camden was in Heaven having someone to pal around with.  Actually I think part of the reason he has done so well with the transition from only child to eldest child is because of Kirsten and others who have come over and continued to pay him plenty of attention when I'm with the baby.

Hallie loved Aunt Kirsten too.

Camden does love Hallie, but what's funny is how much she loves him.  She's always looking for him, and if he crosses her line of vision she breaks out in an extra huge smile.  Camden, on the other hand, is oblivious to this.  But he's a big helper, and doesn't like to see her upset.

He has a hard time picturing himself ever being like his sister, but...



Clearly they are surer siblings.
One more of sleeping Hallie because she gives me heart eyes.

On the fourth of July we went to the world's oldest rodeo.  Camden's favorite part was the "bucking broncos."  My favorite part was the one-armed bandit performance where he herds a bunch of Texas Longhorn up on top of a horse trailer.  Roy's favorite part was keeping Hallie asleep in the carrier.

What a good dad.

I love these American kids.

Kirsten and Roy took Cam to see the parade.  This boy enjoys parades.  I absolutely love how he waves at everyone passing by.

That evening we had a 4th of July picnic at the park with some friends.  The kids ran around and played on the playground while we talked and ate hamburgers.  Or veggie burgers.

By the time we got home we were all exhausted.  Although I was worried the others would think I was a party pooper I asked if maybe we should skip the fireworks this year.  Instead I was met with relief.  We were all equally consenting party poopers.  So we busted out some sparklers in our pajamas and called it a night.  Happy Birthday, America!

And Hallie slept through the night!  Hip hip hooray!!!

As always, loved having Kirsten here.
I'll be playing catchup throughout the week with these posts, but for now... nap.

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