Roy's Surprise Party

Continuing where we left off... the blessing was wonderful.  

And then Roy had his turn in the limelight in a way he wasn't expecting.  {Muahaha!}

I'd been wanting to throw him a surprise party for his half birthday for a while.  Since his actual birthday is on Christmas day, he's never had a surprise party.  As I began preparations I realized we had a couple of other friends celebrating birthdays as well, so I roped in a couple other wives and we made it a surprise for all three guys.  I knew that's how Roy would want it - the more the merrier.

Kirsten distracted Roy, feigning a Costco emergency.  They returned with armloads (it's Costco, right?) and were met with silly string and confetti.  After everyone shouted "surprise!" Roy looked around the room with an extremely confused look on his face.  "For what?" he asked.

Safe to say he was surprised.

We went with an 80's theme, since these guys were all born in the 80's.  We had the music, we had the decorations, and we had people dress up too!  Each of the birthday boys got their own favorite dessert.

And the highlight of the night was playing 80's charades.  So funny.

Fun night with good friends celebrating my favorite guy.  Love you Roy!

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