Father's Day

I've got precious few minutes right now.  Camden is taking his afternoon nap and Hallie just finally dozed off, tucked snuggly against my chest in a wrap.  Roy went to pick his sister up from the airport and my parents are stuck on the freeway, but not too far away.  When they all get here, and when our friends arrive, we will celebrate Hallie and give her a blessing.  I need to clean this house before it all begins, so I'm typing frantically.

We're excited to see family and friends and to share our joy with them.  This little girl is amazing.  That being said...

Sharing the limelight is the story of Roy's life.  He's never had a birthday to himself, and now he has to share Father's Day too.  But honestly, that's the way he likes it.  And that's one of a million reasons why he's a fantastic dad.

Not only does a good father take care of his children, but he spends some serious time teaching them. Roy is GOOD at this.

Here's an example from this morning:
Camden is in the "why" stage, and sometimes I have less patience for it than I should.  I was busy trying to get clean sheets on the bed and Camden was rolling around on the mattress, hindering my progress and asking lots of why questions.  He held up his doll, Baby Fred, and asked, "Why is this a doll?"

"That doesn't even make sense," I snapped, trying to pull him off the bed and out of my way.  Roy walked in the room and I complained, "I hate it when Camden asks questions that are just unanswerable, it's frustrating."

Roy immediately said, "Questions are good!  He just doesn't know how to get out what it is he wants to ask."  Then he got down on his knees, eye-level with Cam, and said, "What's your question?"

Camden, having someone's full attention, pointed to words engraved at the base of the doll's head.  "Why is this on the doll?  What does this say?"

Then Roy and Camden had a nice little chat about what Made In China means - before you know it they're talking about foreign commerce!  (Well, preschool level of course.)  And I just stood there smiling, feeling a little ashamed of myself but really in love with my husband.

Something Roy has engrained in Camden's mind is "have courage and be kind."  He says it to our boy every night once he's read him a bedtime story and turned out the light.  Yes, we jacked that phrase from the Cinderella movie.  But is there anything better we could be teaching our kids while they are young?  When the world around them is confusing and selfish, they'll have those roots.  They'll have the voice of their father murmuring in the back of their minds, no matter what, "have courage and be kind."  And maybe a couple of other goofy things too, because their daddy is, without a doubt, a giant goof ball.

These kids are lucky.  I'm lucky.  Happy Father's Day, Roy!

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