Thoughts for Hallie

Dear Hallie,
We love you.  We've loved you and waited for you for years.  As each day comes to a close, and your birthday draws closer and closer, your dad and I look at each other and whisper words of hope and excitement.  Only 20 more days… 12 more days… 5 more days!  The thrill of knowing we will be meeting you face to face, holding you, breathing you in, in just a few days fills our home and hearts with indescribable joy.  

Your dad is kind, funny, honest, and has been a constant support throughout this pregnancy.  Just like he will be a constant support to you throughout your life.  Someday you'll see how really lucky you are to have such a good man for a father.

Your big brother is sweet, considerate, and caring.  He also loves nothing more than to make people laugh {preferably with potty humor} so I'm sure you'll be quick on the smiles if he has anything to say about it.  He's so excited to meet you.

One of the things I've most been looking forward to is watching the relationship between you and Camden develop and grow.  I hope you always love and look after each other.  Remember that family is the whole reason we are here.

This pregnancy has been beautiful.  I was pretty sick at the beginning, and of course a bit uncomfortable here at the end, but all in all I couldn't ask for better.  This time I truly realized how special this short time is when I have you in the womb.  I've tried to savor that.

We love you, and we're so ready for you to join our family.

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