The Big Brother

She's here, she's here, she's here!  We're a family of four!  My head is spinning, though I'm not sure whether that's a result of staggering joy, lack of sleep, or good old Percoset.  Probably a combination.

Clearly I've been terrible at posting, but I've actually been writing.  So the next two posts are late, but they are some of my thoughts and feelings leading up to one of the happiest days of our lives.


Camden's days as an only child are numbered.  Everything we do reminds me of this, and I find myself worrying about how he's going to adjust.

As we've been dusting off baby items and bringing them in from the garage Cam has enjoyed hearing about his babyhood.  Seeing the clothes he wore and the toys he played with.  Sometimes he asks that we pretend he's a baby.  I've heard that kids can regress once a baby sibling is brought home soooo I'm not sure how I feel about this, haha!

But the next moment he's "shaving like daddy" and my worries dissipate. 

On that note: I absolutely love the relationship Camden has with his dad, which I think will help him with said adjustment.  Each and every day Camden's face lights up when Daddy walks through the door.  And he's always wanting to do "boy things".  Good thing we'll soon have a little daughter or else I would get real jealous with all this "no girls allowed" stuff going on.

I'm excited to meet this little girl, but I'm even more excited for my precious boy to meet his little sister.  I'm so in love with this family I have.

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