Baby Shower Turned Downpour

I've never been a napper, even as a baby {sorry Mom!} but lately all I want to do is nap.  Morning nap during Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, an afternoon nap while Camden is taking his own little snooze, and, heck, I even get an evening nap in most days when Roy gets home from work.  {It's a miracle I haven't accidentally drowned myself in the bathtub yet.}

This pattern has less to do with my being physically exhausted and more to do with the sudden realization that my opportunities to nap have almost run dry.  The countdown to two children is SO on, people!

This last month of pregnancy has been a blur of cardboard boxes and plastic totes.  We didn't move far, so every day for two weeks I just took a few carloads of stuff over the the new house.  I thought I would unpack as I went and be super organized and awesome.  But... naps got in the way.

So we're wriggling just enough order into the chaos to bring a new baby home.

Actually, it's other people who have been wriggling the order into our lives.  I've had awesome friends bringing us dinners, moving furniture, organizing, and scrubbing baseboards.  Things that I simply would not have been able to do on my own at nine months pregnant were taken care of by this little army of people I love.  And if that wasn't enough, we were thrown baby showers to make sure we have everything we need for Baby Girl.

Since this isn't my first pregnancy I was happily surprised when my little army offered to throw a baby shower.  And then my Sahuarita friends offered to have me down and throw a shower.  And then my aunt!  And then Roy's office!!!  And suddenly we were in a downpour of love I never wanted to escape.

The beautiful shower my aunts put on was combined with my grandma's 81st birthday.  It made for a really super awesome party.  {And no one knows yet just how appropriate the combination was.}

Two of my cousins are also expecting girls.  So exciting!  Even though I look like a dried apple that swallowed a watermelon, I had to include this pic for posterity.

I loved catching up with so many people in Tucson.  And baby girl got to meet her future college roommate, who has the yummiest leg rolls! 

Loved the shower thrown by friends up here.  Sadly I didn't get a picture of everyone who was there, but these are all the important people.  {I joke!}  

 It was fun, and the little games were perfect.  Not one single person under-guessed the size of my belly, but that didn't stop me from eating all the amazing desserts.

Same problem with this picture--I didn't think to get a group shot until several people had left already.  Hanging out with this my Sahuarita crowd was so much fun, I miss them!  Haven't laughed that hard in who-knows-how-long.

And visiting down south means I get to see this adorable dude too...

 No pictures were taken at the shower Roy's work threw for us, but it was so sweet.  We are lucky Roy gets to work with such nice, good people.  {And we're lucky that they like him, haha!}

When people find out that I've just moved into a new house a week before my due date they look at me warily, like I might snap at any moment.  "Are you okay?  Are you freaking out?"

Clearly I should be freaking out, but I have waaaay too much support to allow me to fall into that.  Instead I feel totally at peace with everything, and overwhelmed with love!  We are beyond blessed.

Now to relax and take a nap.

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