Nesting: A True Tale of Organized Hysteria

 It all started when I was lazily scrolling through Instagram during Cam's nap time.  Me, the couch, and a bag of trail mix.  Typical preggo break.  I came across a post from a friend from college, sharing a pic of her organized-looking house and giving credit to  The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering.

A switch was flipped.  I got up off that couch and didn't sit back down for two weeks!  {Ok, well two weeks from when the library finally got the book on hold for me.}

I'm sure it's an inspiring self-help whether you're pregnant or not but... you guys, it was all I thought about.  I spent my days decluttering and spent my nights dreaming about organizing.  Seriously.  It was bordering on obsessive.  Or maybe it just sneaked right past the border, I was too distracted to notice.

Thus the nesting began.

And I wasn't just gonna half-ass this thing.  No.  The Japanese lady tells me to talk to my clothes?  I talk to my clothes.  No questions asked.

One day Roy came home to a gigantic pile of every article of clothing in the whole house, and me sitting in the middle of it holding a belt and saying, "You did a great job keeping my pants up in high school.  Thank you for your service."  Then I threw it in the discard pile, which was nearly three times the size of the keep pile.  {I mean, if I'm keeping belts from high school, obviously I've had a problem.}

Of course Roy couldn't resist making fun of me.  And he certainly wasn't a fan of the daily put-everything-of-each-category-in-a-giant-pile strategy.  But I was playing by the rules, no matter how weird.  I even took it a step further by concentrating these piles on our bed, for extra motivation.  If we wanted to sleep that night, we needed to get through that day's category!

Totally normal, right?

But eventually who got on the bandwagon?  Roy.  In no time he was talking to his clothes too.  {Albeit in a sarcastic tone, which I'm sure his poor, sensitive clothing didn't appreciate.}  The thing is, you can't argue with results!

What we always called our "Narnia Closet" became something we could actually walk through!

PS - I took all of these "after" pictures today -- about two months after the initial purge.  Still organized!  Even our socks!  What, you don't fold your socks?  Well look up the Kon Mari method of folding.  Change your life.

We went through everything.  I never realized how much crap we held onto!  Seriously, we were just six cats shy of being on the hoarder show.  But thanks to my nesting hysteria, we soon we had bags and bags of discarded items filling up our garage.  At the end I was parking in the driveway to make room.  Nuts!  I alone had 9 large trash bags of clothes to get rid of.  Roy had 5 bags.  And there were books, jewelry, shoes, board games, cords, decor, it was an endless sea of junk.

A few weeks later that sea of junk made us some decent money at a garage sale.  We joined with a few other family friends and made a killing with our combined efforts.  So worth it.

In the meantime the house got organized down to the last Lego.  Everything has a place, and we are surrounded only by the stuff that we actually care about.  Most importantly, the end goal was realized: we dusted off our crib and set it up in our cleaned out office-turned-nursery.  Woohoo!

And then...

We signed a lease for a new house.


True story.

Enter a whole new kind of nesting.  The boxing kind.

Now to top off this post, a few pics of a cute boy enjoying spring, and pretty oblivious to the huge changes coming his way.

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