Boys and Butterflies

The potential hazards had crossed our minds.  Taking our bulldozer of a boy to a butterfly exhibit seemed dangerous.  For the butterflies.

But our friends were in town--important to note they have daughters--and we were willing to do whatever it took to hang out with them.  So we risked the lives of thousands of butterflies as we set foot inside America's largest butterfly conservatory.

Surprisingly the boys were doing well.  They knew not to touch the butterflies {we were all strictly instructed not to get any of our human oils on them} and really they were more interested in running the paths through the "rain forest" room.  I'm sure each of the butterfly enthusiasts with their micro-lensed cameras got a few cute photo bombers.

 My favorite part of the exhibit was the room filled with dangling cocoons and chrysalises.  Since Camden is a fan of The Very Hungry Caterpillar, he was super interested to watch the butterflies struggling to emerge.  {Bonus: they were safe behind glass.}


The butterflies were beautiful.  One perched on little Alice almost the entire time we were there.  Another hung out on Roy's hat for a while, which he got plenty of attention for from every child in the room.  It was going well.


 And then it happened.

Camden was barreling down the path just ahead of me when I heard the sickening crunch followed by the mortified gasps of every butterfly-lover within earshot.  Camden kept running, oblivious that he had just trampled a gorgeous blue butterfly--one of the biggest species there, of course.

So that left me with the glares while Camden scampered up to the head of the waterfall.  "Hi everyone... sorry about... that."  The butterfly's wing twitched once more before going still.  Aaaand then I just slunk away with my head down.  Pretty sure we are banned from that place for life.

We almost made it through the Butterfly Wonderland without smashing something.  So close.  Soon after we escaped into the aquarium room, a much more bulldozer-friendly area.  There were just a few giant aquariums of fish {yay thick glass!} and a little touch and feel pool.  Stingrays seemed to be more resilient than butterflies.

I feel like I should finish this up with some moral lesson.  Some golden parenting nugget that was discovered inside our butterfly experience.


Sorry, I got nothing.  Funny story though, right?

RIP blue butterfly.

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