The Best Christmas Surprise Ever!

I posted that ^ picture on Christmas Eve, explaining that inside the bag was
either a pink ornament or a blue ornament.  The guesses from friends and family came pouring in, with girl votes almost tripling boy votes.  In the meantime, Roy and I really had no clue.

 See, we'd been thinking girl since day one.  Sure, this pregnancy had been different than the first, but our assumption had a lot more to do with a gut feeling.  We'd been calling the baby "she" almost by instinct, and then correcting ourselves half-heartedly.

Just a few days before Christmas I went alone to the big ultrasound appointment.  I explained to the technician how I wanted her to write the gender on a card and seal it in an envelope so we could have a Christmas surprise.  This woman was a seasoned pro, and knew when to tell me to close my eyes.  (And I really closed them, Roy!)

Baby was so wiggly that the technician was having a hard time getting pictures of anything.  At one point she said, exasperated, "I don't know if we'll be able to find out the gender, this baby is such a mover!"  Nooo!!!  I tried sending the little bean a mental scolding.

Then suddenly the technician inhaled sharply.  "Oh.  I know what it is for sure, now."

Something about the way she said it gave me flashbacks to Camden's ultrasound when we discovered he was a boy.  I swear the technician then had that exact same reaction.  And suddenly I wasn't so confident the baby was a girl.

On the drive home with the precious envelope I stopped at a quaint little Christmas shop.  The walls were glittering with ornaments; I was sure I would be able to find something.  In no time I came across the baby bottles, one pink and one blue.  Perfect.

I brought them to the elderly clerk behind the counter and explained my idea.  "Please look inside the envelope and then pack up the appropriate ornament for me.  We want to open the ornament on Christmas day to find out the gender of our baby."

She smiled, happy to be part of the plan.  I walked into the other room and observed a wall of snow globes while she finished the job, and then she called me back.  She'd opened the envelope from the top and then re-taped it like five times, and bagged up the mystery ornament while hiding the other from sight.

So there we were, Christmas Eve, barely able to sleep.  It was like being seven years old again, waiting for Santa Clause.  When Camden got up before the sun we jumped right out of bed without to much as a groan.  I thought about getting my real camera and taking real pictures, but I was too excited about the ornament.  So this year there aren't a lot of pictures, and they aren't very high quality.  Ha!

Camden spied the choo choo train Santa left him and immediately sat down to play, ignoring everything else around him for a good thirty minutes.  In the meantime, Roy and I ran for the present.  Just before we opened it I remembered to wish Roy happy birthday.  *Face palm*.  
He waved me away, impatient to open the ornament.  Now we both thought maybe the baby was a boy.  But maybe not?


That was the best (and most suspenseful)  Christmas surprise ever!
With huge smiles on our faces we moved on to stockings and pulling gifts out from under the tree.

After wrapping paper was strewn around the living room in the most appropriate fashion, we ate a quick breakfast before heading out the door.  Kirsten had a flight from Phoenix to surprise Leah in Utah.  Then the three of us were heading to GG's house for her famous Christmas chicken enchiladas.

There's always a hilarious gift exchange with the cousins (white elephant in recent years) and the most delicious Mexican food.  Oh, and we also pulled out the ornament as our little announcement.

Also, Papa tried out this overboard thing.  (Is that what we call these things?  I don't even know.)  Camden could tell that the guy needed some help.

Papa and Grammy gave Camden his first pedal bike for Christmas (no training wheels).  He rode down the street and did surprisingly well.  Buuut pretty soon Daddy was carrying it.  It's a work in progress.

And then there was Christmas night, AKA Roy's annual birthday celebration!
Thirty years old!

Thirty is weird because you feel like you've been in your 20's your whole life.  And then suddenly...

Couldn't resist shooting a few pictures of this adorable nephew of mine.  Ahhhh he's so cute!

Back to Roy.
He's pretty cute too.

Love you, old man!

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