For the long weekend we packed up the car and headed for some serious snow.  My grandparents, parents, and some cousins were up at the cabin and we decided to join them.  I have good memories of resting my aching body in front of the blazing fireplace after a full day of snowboarding, but obviously this time we skipped the slopes.

Just try to imagine me attempting to balance my pregnant belly over the center of a board!  Laughing?  Me too.  But next year we are going - lessons for Camden!

This year we focused on a different "first."  Sledding!

Camden insisted on going down by himself a few times, which surprised me.  My cautious boy is becoming a bit of a daredevil!  He loved going down with Dad the best, though.  Although his face was mixed with joy and terror the whole way down, he was always laughing and smiling at the end. 

Except for one time, when Roy let his feet drag a little too much and Camden was basically a living snowman by the bottom of the hill.  Even though I felt for him, I was also sad I wasn't down there to get a picture as Roy scraped inches of snow off his little pink face.

Camden had a fantastic time with his second cousin, Kal.  These two ran around playing hide-and-seek or tag all weekend long.  Camden was so into those games that if Kal was momentarily unavailable he would immediately try to enlist an adult in a game.  He got his Great Grandpa in on a game of hide-and-seek, and then about twenty minutes later Cam meandered downstairs asking for a snack.  He couldn't find Grandpa, and apparently gave up.  I found Grandpa asleep upstairs under a blanket about a half hour later.

More snow fun included building a snowman, snowball fights, digging tunnels with shovels, eating giant icicles off the cabin, and being pulled/pulling the sled for hours on end.  Go Papa, go!

Oh... good try, buddy.  Mama is a little heavy.

Safe to say we have begun to foster a love of the snow.  Good prep for his snowboarding career ahead.  ;-)

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