Normally near or around New Year's Eve I can be found scouring the Internet for goal sheets and buying fresh desk-sized calendars (yes, plural).  New pens and pencils, new spaces for new scribbles.  You know, all about a new me and blah blah blah.

Problem is, come December I'm like, "Wait, what were my resolutions?"
Anyone else feel me on this?  Bueller? ... Bueller?  

This year I've decided to …

Change my text alignment back to the left side of the page.  CHECK!  Ah yeah, feels good to accomplish my goals right out of the gate.  Can I please be off the hook for the rest of the year?

All joking aside, I can't even tell you how happy I am with life right now.  Is it perfect?  Not even close.  But this little family of mine brings me insane amounts of joy, even on the difficult days.  We are healthy, we are loved, and 2015 brought us some truly amazing experiences.

* Roy is still playing a lot of basketball but has adopted a slower and steadier strategy, since his injury last February.  It took almost a whole year, but his ankles are officially the same size now!  He's enjoying his new job and the trees.

* Camden has developed about 100 new hobbies this year, and there's simply no stopping him.  His talents and smarts leave me speechless at least once a day.  Some notable hobbies are iPhone photography, gaming (N64, baby!), hiking, and pretending.

He learns best when there's mess-making involved.

So we started up an "art group" with a few of his buddies.  "Mess-making group" would really be a better title.  We have loved this fun time with friends.

* Roy ran his first triathlon in October and did awesome!  

* Camden has been becoming more and more independent, which is bittersweet for me.  He can get in his carseat by himself, get himself dressed and undressed, and sometimes he even likes to do his own hair.  Also- his number one goal throughout the day is to make everyone around him laugh.  He's quite the comedian these days.

He's also taken an interest in cleaning.  If I ever start cleaning something he insists on having a turn.  And, um, I do not turn him away.  Please let this last forever!

* Me?  Oh, it's been a great year, although I can't really pinpoint any one thing that made it so.  I just love my family and loooove being a mom.  This year I also took on three other kiddos around Camden's age to watch during the week.  It's great to have playmates for Cam, and I love each of them.

I've taken a break from running, but still try to get outside for walking and fresh air.  That fresh air is dang cold these days, so we really bundle up.  Despite my exaggerated complaints, I secretly love living somewhere with seasons.  And mild seasons, at that!

But the best part of 2015 was simply this...

I'm feeling sappy and grateful for everything.  Grateful our family is growing and grateful for such supportive friends and family all around us.  Grateful for the challenges that make us better and for a Savior that gets me through the toughest moments.

Now to spread all that over to 2016!

On New Year's Eve Roy offered to stay home with Camden so Kirsten and I could see a movie we'd been wanting to see.  It was sold out, so we saw a mindless comedy instead.  Upon exiting the theater parking lot we spotted fireworks in the distance.  We decided we couldn't have a proper New Year's Eve without them, so behold... the firework!  (Top left corner of my windshield?)

We got home to Roy to celebrate with sparkling cider and ice cream.  There wasn't much talk of resolutions, and I was strangely okay with that.  In fact, it occurred to me that making weekly goals would make a lot more sense in my life.  And so my New Year resolution is a single word: ACT

If I'm accomplishing smaller weekly goals, I'm acting.
If I help the elderly woman reach the top shelf at the grocery store (rather than watch her and worry about helping her until it's too late to do anything), I'm acting.

The distance between dreams and reality is action.  So I'm hoping for a year I can keep that three letter word, act, at the forefront of my mind throughout all situations.  Just to inch a little closer to several dreams: publish, become more service-oriented, master parenting like a boss, etc.

I hope you all find the distance between your dreams and reality closing a bit each day in this new year!  Go for it!

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