Roy Returns to Newport

No one was more excited for our Thanksgiving trip than Roy.  It was all he talked about for a week leading up to our flight into Portland.  Thanks to school and work, he hadn't been back to his hometown in 2 1/2 years!  And even though Camden and I had visited without him, we were stoked too.  I've said this a thousand times on this blog, but the Oregon coast is just the coolest, most unique place.

It also has some of the greatest people in it.

But I must add, Newport is deceivingly cold in November.  Ok?  You absolutely must visit this place, but if it's November, pack a parka.  I grossly under packed warm clothing for my little family.  Oh, I also grossly under packed pants for myself.  Pants.  The only thing I had to wear on my legs were the stretchy pants I wore on the airplane.  Why?  I have no idea.  Apparently pants are not important to me.

Pretty sure Roy saw it as a ploy to get my shopping on, but sadly I really am just that air-headed these days.  Pregnancy sucks away my brain power.  I can blame it on that, right?  Is there a pregnancy card limit?

Pants or no pants, we were bound for a fun time with Grandma and Grandpa.  It got even more exciting when the Carpenters showed up.  Camden and Danny Jay are such buds.  It's so fun to watch their little budding relationship, which we all determined will someday soon be full of mischievous adventure.

When they were babies nine months seemed like such a large age gap, but it's a gap that's closing quickly.  Danny required almost no help scampering after Cam.

… and vice versa.

Of course we all spent a day at the Oregon Coast Aquarium.

How is this the only picture I took of my sweet baby nephew and niece?  The weekend went way too fast.

{In memory of the eel I almost kicked in the face on our honeymoon.}

Then of course there was the beach and exploring.

Camden found these slimy seaweed "snakes" up on the dry sand and was determined that they be released back into the ocean.  Thing is, these beaches are huge.  The journey from sand dunes to the crashing sea foam is no small jaunt--pack your hiking shoes, since we're making a list.  And pants, did I mention you should pack pants?

The distance didn't deter Camden for a second.  He was on a mission.

Roy said he remembered doing the same thing as a kid, toting seaweed behind him for various missions.  He threw the stuff out into the water, showing Cam how it's done.

Later we were lucky enough to see the spouting horn on an exceptionally powerful day with a high tide.  The pictures don't do it justice -- there was water spewing forty feet in the air!  From what I remember reading on the little plaque, the blow hole is formed through erosion of the lava rock.  You basically end up with a lava tube that opens straight up to the sky, and water explodes out of that opening when the waves hit just right.  It was like oceanic fireworks!  Roy said the huge blast of water has been known to splash onto the road alongside it.

Through all of our coastal adventures, our favorite thing to do was to spend time with family.  Camden couldn't be more in love with his grandparents.

We were also happy to have Aunt Kelsey there.  She spoiled Cam rotten with the attention, and soon they had inside jokes and handshakes.  In fact, just today when I gave him a plain old knuckles he corrected me, "You gotta do 'fie-yeh'!"  (Wriggles his fingers like Kelsey taught him.)

With the gracious combined efforts of Kelsey and the grandparents, Roy and I got some movie dates in.  There was Camden's birthday, which I mentioned in a previous post, and a day trip to visit friends in Salem.  Then of course there was Thanksgiving dinner, during which I took absolutely no pictures.  Lately I've learned that in some moments being present it more important than capturing it.  I'm a slow learner.  

Of course the food was great, and the already fantastic company was made even better with the arrival of Sue, Jay, and Justin.  I loved that it was kept casual, personal, and stress-free.  The perfect holiday.

Even though the trip revolved around Thanksgiving, the meal I remember best was actually pizza on a random night.  But let me tell you, it was the best pizza I've ever had in my life.  I've been craving it ever since.  

Jalepeño popper pizza!  (Drool!)

Halfway through my first heavenly piece I bit into a particularly juicy jalepeño, which promptly squirted it's fire juice right into my eyeball.  Oh, the pain.  I rushed to the bathroom and tried to rinse out my eye quickly so I could get back to that pizza!  And I had two more pieces after that.  Worth the pain and the smeared demon mascara look.

Hmm… what other memorable things shall I mention?  This is the problem with writing weeks after the fact.  Hmm… I remember the little twins just melting hearts all day long, can't forget about that.  I remember Dennis taking us on a tour of the jail--super interesting.  I remember Leah, Laura, and I chatting late into the night while Leah did my hair for me--she's awesome.  I remember Roy yelling at me to stop leading Camden into poison ivy--clueless desert rat over here.  

I remember every day was epic for this little explorer.   

Thanks, Buckmasters, for being awesome.  Couldn't ask for better in-laws.  (Also, I'm looking forward to seeing some of these pictures with Kelsey and Kirsten photoshopped into them.  Let's put them on a unicorn.)

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