Camden is 3!

Holding our new baby that warm November night, I tried to imagine what he would be like as a kid.  I stared at his tiny newborn features and just couldn't imagine it.  What would his voice sound like?  What would his favorite game be?  What color would those eyes settle into?

Answers: a) Raspy but with a high-pitched, shrill laugh.
b) Cars, which carry on conversations and enjoy driving to the park to go down the slide.  (There is almost always an ouchie that a "car doctor" rushes to fix.)
c) Handsome hazel, just like his daddy.

It's crazy to look back at how much he has grown and learned since that first day, three years ago.  The dimpled hands and squishy kankles of babyhood are gone without a trace, and now this boy has opinions, observations, and an imagination to boot.  It all happened so smoothly and yet so suddenly. I'm quite sure it's impossible to explain.

On the big day we were in Newport visiting Roy's side of the family.  We went out for dinner and the sweet waitress surprised all of us with a little birthday sundae.  Camden would have been happy if we stuck a lit candle in a sponge - he just wanted us to sing to him and blow out the candle - so he was in Heaven with the added treat.

There's a lot more to write about Newport, but I'll get back to that in a another post.  Onward to Camden's "green car" birthday party (and the end of my imagined career as a cake decorator)!

Now that Cam is officially a kid with opinions, he was very specific about his birthday theme.  It wasn't just a car party, okay?  It was a green car party.  

We were thrilled to have my parents in town to help execute such a specific theme.  Really, I don't think I could ever throw a party without my mom, the party expert.

It was a blast to have so many fun little friends running around, not all of whom happened to run in the right direction to join this picture.  Camden had this smile plastered on his face almost the whole time.

And again the Happy Birthday song and candle-blowing was the main event for this dude.  Even though a breeze blew out the flames during the song that didn't stop him from dutifully breathing all over the cake at the end.

Always the comedian.

This boy was so showered in fun books and toys he didn't know what to do with himself!  I loved how interested all of his buddies were, too.  At this age there is truly nothing more exciting than new toys.

Happy birthday, little monster.  You are thoughtful, helpful, kind, always trying to make others laugh, and very particular about lining up your cars.  You're inquisitive, imaginative, and still pretty generous with your hugs and snuggles.  You've always tried to be obedient, although I swear you woke up on your third birthday and decided it was high time to test the boundaries.  We're going to have fun with that, I'm sure.

No matter what, we love you.

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