Ladies and gents, I am happy to introduce to you the newest married couple in the Collett family: 
Zac + Jess.

The wedding happened back in August, but I didn't want to post anything until I had some of the lovely professional pictures by Natalie Atkinson.

August 29th began rainy.  All of the guests and wedding party were huddled under the porch waiting for a break in the clouds so the ceremony could begin.  I think we heard the words "rain, wedding day, good luck," thrown around all evening.  And for rain to cool off an Arizona August... I mean, it doesn't get much luckier than that.

The sun peeked out at the perfect moment, chairs were dried, and everyone took their seats.  Meanwhile, Camden the ring bearer is inside having a meltdown.  Not a fan of bowties, we learned.  I didn't think Camden would recover in time, and another sweet little boy was ready to act as his replacement.  Then my uncle Rod swept Camden out of my arms and said, "Give me thirty seconds."

At that point we bridesmaids and groomsmen had our cue to walk to the front, so Roy and I wished Rod good luck and headed outside.

We were lined up at the front when lo and behold... 

The cutest little ring bearer I ever did see.

His eyes may be a little puffy, but whatever Rod bribed him with, it worked!  And apparently he told Camden to walk very slowly, and the little dude took that job very seriously.  Oh, my heart!

The ceremony was sweet and simple.  Shortly thereafter we had toasts, cake, music, dancing, food, all the classic signs of a wedding gone great. 

But it was the after party where things really got crazy.
I'm laughing just thinking about it, and already realize that this is something where "ya had to be there."  But someday when I look back I'm going to be glad I posted about it.

The food was packed up, the guests were gone, Zac and Jess were off on their honeymoon, and the family that remained pulled shoes off of sore feet and collapsed into chairs.

My siblings and I have always had this joke: we don't drink, but we don't need to drink to be crazy.  Who knows how the laughing got started, but it escalated quickly.  Soon Mason, Alexa and I busted out DubSmash.  It' an app where you basically lip sync movie quotes.  Can I just say, no humans on earth make facial expressions as hilarious as these two.  I mean, I was dying.

We chose Jim Carrey quotes which, if you know my family at all, you know this man single-handedly shaped our senses of humor in our growing-up years.  We probably made 15 of these kinds of things:

And that's the least embarrassing of all the videos we took.

Siblings are the best.  There's no one else in the world you can be quite so weird around, or who gets your humor so well, or thinks you are as funny as you think you are.

Right now the three of us live in different states, in different stages of life, but keeping in touch isn't a problem.  When we get together (especially to quote Jim Carrey) it's like no time has passed at all.

Shout out to Zac, who didn't completely miss out on the DubSmash fun that weekend.

Speaking of siblings, I have a new sister!  Jess loves Zac a ton, and makes him happier than I could have imagined him being.  So happy to welcome her into the crazy family.

Crazy but good.

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