Spooky Ghost and the Great Pumpkin

Pumpkin guts are apparently Camden's kryptonite.  Just the suggestion that he poke the slimy pile sent him running out of the room on his tip toes shouting, "No, no, no thank you!"  But he did have fun helping to carve our smiling jack-o-lantern.

And for the rest of the week his favorite thing to do was to click on the small battery powered candle to make our jack-o-lantern glow on our front porch.  Our friends who came over to carve pumpkins with us had some mad skills, so that was fun to see, but I was glad Cam is still young enough to be satisfied with an easy classic.

This was my third Halloween as a mom, so I've got a handle on this little holiday.  A little holiday--I might add--that I'm pretty sure is meant to be a bit of a sugar-laced disaster.

The weather was perfect, about 50% of the trees had begun shifting to bright orange, yellow, or a golden brown.  We met up with a few friends to go trick-or-treating down the most adorable Victorian neighborhood.  But Roy and I scrambled at the last minute trying to find something we could wear that could be considered a costume, and in the meantime Camden ditched his costume after the first five minutes!

All month Camden talked about how he was going to be a "spooooky ghost" {said with eyebrows raised and mouth in a tiny 'o'} and explained that he was going to say "boo!" to everyone and scare them because he would be so very spooky.  He ran around the house with blankets over his head practicing.  So I thought the old sheet-with-holes-cut-for-eyes would be right up his alley!

Turned out to be a little more difficult than I'd anticipated...

But he looks so cute, doesn't he?  Here are his friends who went trick-or-treating with us: Luke Skywalker and a pilot.  Their families were all themed together.  Um, Roy and I claimed we were ghost hunters.

So the sheet came off before we even reached the first house.  At first I was disappointed, but hey--we get to see his face in the pictures now.

His favorite toy dinosaur came with us, of course.  And Dad was the main mode of transportation, of course.

And there was lots of candy... of course.
The streets were absolutely filled with people in costume, it was so much fun to see.  I felt like we were in Hocus Pocus, walking up to these decked out houses.

Cam said, "trick-or-treat" in about the quietest voice you ever heard, but he wasn't too shy to cut off some kids to get the best of the loot.

That night we had friends over for our annual Halloween pizza feast.  Really we just ate and hung out while the kids ran around in their sugar craze.  A couple brought over a bunch of candy to hand out so I decided not to get any.  Then my worst nightmare came true and we ran out of treats for the tons of costumed kids knocking on our door that night.  Feeling desperate, I almost went for the raisins or Nutrigrain bars or something to hand out.  Even when we turned off all our lights people still knocked.  Luckily no one egged out house, but note for next year: buy more candy.

Cam got to stay up late, eat candy, and play trains with his buddies.  This candy-crusted, makeup-smeared face says it all.  Happy Halloween!

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