Fall Festivities

Our good friends came from Phoenix to join us for some fall festivities at a local farm.  Ah, the smell of straw and sipping fresh apple cider while watching your kid ride in a plastic barrel pulled by a tractor... this is the life.

For a moment I thought we were going to have to take a jumping castle home with us... I mean, there was almost no other way to get this kid into the car.  I probably would have picked the cute jack-o-lantern one for some year-round Halloween love.  Our neighbors would love a gigantic inflatable pumpkin peeking over the fence at them, right?

The corn maze was eventful.  Camden and his little friend couldn't hold back their excitement, couldn't help but sprint through the twists and turns.  At first we parents keeping up fine, but suddenly we rounded a corner, reaching a fork in the path, but with no kids in sight!  It was a decently stressful sixty seconds scrambling through a maze supposedly marked as "easy" yelling for Camden in a voice I was hoping didn't sound hysterical.

We found the snickering stinkers.

After the maze we picked pumpkins in the patch!  Camden was drawn to all of the squashed, rotting ones, but we gently steered him to the pumpkins with less saggy skin.

Out of focus, but the best we could do with this wiggly skeleton.

Then it was back for more petting zoo, pony rides, and inflatable slides with our friends.

The wristband got you in for the day, so after nap time we returned.  We experienced some of the food stands, danced to live music, watched part of a fire dancer's show, and went on a haunted hayride at nightfall.  We were assured the hayride was very family friendly, and indeed the spookiest part was the way the wagon was precariously lurching sideways with the weight of 50 people.

Even so, the occasional screaming made Camden a little nervous.  We told him it was pretend, and it helped that the other wagon riders were laughing.  He was fine.  That's when Camden started calling the actors "spookies."  It's a word that I think incorporates all Halloween creatures in general.

For Halloween Camden wants to be a "spoooooky ghost."  Either that or a picnic.  I think we will go with the first one...

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