Escape to the Cabin

Every September turns out to be the month that zips by in a blur .  It's something about school starting, settling into new schedules, walking along the cusp of fall with the stores throwing up their Christmas section in the back. 

And every year it's suddenly Labor Day and we are like, "Oh!  Um… so what're we gonna do?"  You can't just waste a day off of work, you gotta make some kind of memories.  It's mandatory.

This year our last-minute plans came together so beautifully you would have thought we'd been planning it for months.  Well… except for the fact that I didn't have my camera charged, so I was limited to cell phone pics.  But all in all, you can't go wrong with a cabin trip in the forest with friends.  

As you can tell from every picture from the weekend, Camden is in a "no pictures" phase again.  It physically hurts him when a lens is pointed anywhere near his general direction.

But occasionally a smile would slip out.  Pine scented air and jacket-wearing weather can do that to a person.

Pinecones and wildflowers are alien to these desert kids, so every trip outside was a treasure hunt, and Camden was the treasure transporter.

Some of nature's beauties are a little scarier, but so cool.  Our friends took this picture of a bear roaming through the neighborhood.  Yikes!

One of my favorite memories of the weekend will undoubtedly be playing flag football with Marianne, Braeden, Scott, and the kids.  During the adult vs. kids round we decided upon a rule that meant the adults could not run.  Only skip.

Never in my life have I so regretted not having my phone on me, as when I watched Braeden and Scott go skipping through the forest together.

The lake, picnicking, throwing footballs, s'mores, crafting, intentions of playing board games after the kids go to sleep but really we all end up falling asleep on the couch… it was all great.  Maybe would have been a little greater if I didn't have to take super stealthy pictures like a ninja, but I'll take it.

These two friends just kill me.  Makes me wish we still lived close to these friends.  Camden loves having buddies who will chase him around in circles laughing hysterically--it's a favorite pastime.

Wishing for a replay button.