Lake Powell 2015

A couple of interesting things I learned at Lake Powell this year:

1.)  With each annual trip, I care a little less about the state of my hair.

2.)  Apparently Zac gets incredibly polite when he's injured.  Also, I will not be trying a 360 on a wakeboard anytime soon.

3.)  Grandpa is a badass.  {Sorry, Mom, it had to be said.}  And I wouldn't get on a jet ski with him if you paid me a million dollars.

As usual, Lake Powell with the Collett family was great.  We loved having Grandma and Grandpa aboard for a few days, and the McAffees came for the last few days.  In three trips to Lake Powell, Andrea has been pregnant for two of them!  What a champ!

And it was especially nice for Camden to have another little friend to pal around with.  They are such buds.  

Prepare for lots of pictures and a few words.

Part of me thought this might be the last picture I ever took of Grandma and Grandpa--haha!  That sky, though.

Luckily they came back in one piece and schooled everyone in cards.

Lake Powell days can really wipe you out.  Nothing wrong with taking a little snooze on the beach.  With your face in the sand.

A-fishing we will go!  Camden is such a little boy now, able to go on manly adventures with his dad!  I can hardly believe it.

His favorite thing to do was {of course} go on spontaneous hikes on the surrounding cliffs.  He would go surprisingly far, and climb surprisingly steep inclines!  It was a little nerve-racking for me, scrambling up behind him, but he did excellent.  Better than me!  Is there such thing as a professional hiker?  'Cuz I think he would be the best in the nation.

The first picture Camden has ever taken...

The 178th...

Playing chase is Camden's favorite game.  Throw in some costumes and it's even better.

The talentless show this year was as funny as ever.  My favorite act was Roy and Kenny's.  They thought they were getting off easy by calling dibs on the boys.  "We're going to sing 'Popcorn Popping' with them."

It was not easy.  But it was funny to watch.

Already can't wait for next year.

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