Formally Requesting All the Grandparents to Move in With Us!

Every time the Buckmasters visit from Oregon they bring rain with them.  Something about these Oregonians, though… no rain can stop them.

So we went to the zoological sanctuary!

During the downpour we just hung out under a tree with Augustus the bear.

There's a few play areas there, and Camden always insists on stopping by the "stinky, stinky shoe."

No matter the weather, we love spending time with our family.  Even though Camden doesn't get to see these guys in person very often, he knows exactly who they are and loves them like crazy, and I love seeing how they love him.

The morning Kirsten, Grandma, and Grandpa Buckmaster had to hit the road was a tough one.  Seeing Camden cry almost made me cry!  We need to convince all the grandparents to move in with us.

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