A Day in Sedona

Part of the reason I love having visitors is that it gives us a reason to look outside of our normal routine and see what adventures lay beyond our doorstep.  With Kirsten, Grandpa, and Grandma visiting, we decided to hit up Sedona. 

Sad fact: I've lived the majority of my life in Arizona and, until recently, had never been to this crazy beautiful place.

We went on a hike up West Fork Oak Creek Trail, which was gorgeous.  It was an easy stroll in the shade of dizzying cliffs and tall trees.  Although there were a few places where we had to cross the stream, the water was shallow and hopping across the rocks added a fun element.  But yes, I did fall on my butt at some point.  It wasn't in the water, but it was still awesome.

If you know Camden, you know he didn't want the hiking to stop.  We need to take this kid camping, he would be in Heaven.  {Also, my boys were on a hair styling strike.}

At the head of the trail you can see some remnants of the ranch established in the 1800s.  Eventually it became a hunting and fishing lodge that attracted the rich and famous.  I don't remember a lot about the history, except that Walt Disney once stayed there.  There were tons of apple trees mingled in the vegetation, which is the result of the land's ranching days.  There's something eerily beautiful about man-made structures being reclaimed by nature.

There was a hole blown into the side of a cliff that was once used for food storage and preservation.  Made me grateful for refrigerators.

If Roy goes bald...

My proof that I was there!  {Aaand, also on a hair styling strike.}

Before and after our hike we did a lot of driving around.  Roy and I let ourselves briefly dream of living in Sedona--just the view out your window would blow your mind every day!
This is the Chapel of the Holy Cross.  Awesome design, and I hear the view from inside is spectacular. Even though visiting is free, we opted out because of the large volume of cars going up.

Something tells me we'll be heading back to Sedona sooner rather than later.  

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