Everything is Different

Isn't it funny how 
nothing changes
    but when you look back 
 everything is different.

-C.S. Lewis

So Lewis pretty much nailed motherhood on the head, right? 

Occasionally I feel the weight of monotony settle over me.  Make breakfast, go to the park, kiss owies better, make lunch, nap time, make snack, play with plastic cars, sing songs, make dinner, bath time, read stories, go to sleep only to wake up to do the same things all over again.

But when I look back…

I see that everything is different.

We still do the same things, but every day imperceptible differences slowly morph those things into something else.
We still have bath time, and he still has the cutest little bum!

But now we have bubble beards and talking sharks.

This summer a lot of these little differences suddenly revealed themselves for the huge changes that they are.  For one, I am officially hanging out all day with someone I can actually hold a conversation with.  Camden talks a lot, especially about dinosaurs, traffic laws, and vehicles.  {I can't drive anywhere without this kid yelling, "Stop at the stop sign, Mama!  Green means go!  Look, a cement mixer!!!"

Also, my stroller is gathering dust in the garage, since this boy wants to be on his bike 24/7.  We ride everywhere we can, and we count fire hydrants along the way.  Oh, and sometimes we stop to smell flowers, and then follow up with a good fake sneeze.  'Cuz that's just what you do.

Playing is suddenly different.  Cars and dinosaurs talk to each other, always being ridiculously polite.  I mean, the dino has been known to steal a bite of tire, but he quickly apologizes and takes the car to the doctor so the car can get kisses to feel all better.  And the car is very forgiving of his reptilian friend.

Plus we get to add other kids to the mix, now!  Not too long ago Camden only knew how to parallel play, but that's changing too.  Friends can play pirates, wrestle on the trampoline, spot helicopters and planes, or try to balance toys on your head -- which is the funniest thing on the planet.

Camden had his first sleepover with a friend.  Trying to get these two to sleep in the same room… so funny.  They were laughing late into the night with who knows what kind of shenanigans going on.

And when we left the next day, I saw someone had hidden the treasure a little too well.  We had to go back and return the keys.

Do you ever wish you could vacation time travel?  Because even though in the moment I let the monotony get to me, I miss some of those baby things.

BUT, that being said… I don't want to take a single today for granted.

Nobody's getting any younger!  But cuter is debatable...

Hitting 100

It was my birthday on Monday, and I turned 27 years old.  As Lynn informed me, I'm officially in my "late twenties"!  {Cue dramatic music and shrieking.}

People hate getting older.  I mean, it's exciting when you're turning eight or thirteen or sixteen or twenty-one, but after that it's just a reminder of your mortality.  No one really thinks anything between 22 and 99 is any good until you reach the big ONE HUNDRED!

This is my granny--my mom's mom's mom.  She reached one hundred years a few months ago, and there was a big party.  BIG!  Like, cookies of her face, kind of big!  {Someone please do that for me if I make it to 100!}

One hundred earns you some serious street cred.  You've seen a few things, and you probably know all of the secrets of the universe, but most importantly, you've created a legacy.  There were a lot of people there--and the crazy thing is they were all her people.  She boasts four children,  16 grandchildren, 40 great grandchildren, and 32 great great grandchildren!!!!

That's a lot of people to keep track of, so I don't blame her for asking who I "belong" to every time we meet.  But I feel like I know her really well, after interviewing her a few years ago.  Roy and I asked her questions about her life and video recorded her stories.  She likes to say she was born in the era of the horse and buggy, and lived to see a man land on the moon. {And even that was like 46 years ago so… yeah, she's legit.}

I wish I knew each one of my ancestors this well; I owe them so much.

Five generations of awesome.

So turning 27 doesn't seem so old, I guess.  But getting older doesn't seem so scary, not when you've got an army of family behind you.  My tiny, budding army made sure my birthday was great.

Roy secretly invited some people over for cake and ice cream.  He knows how much I love surprises, so I got two, two years in a row!  Blindsided both times!  Amid all of the celebrating he realized we didn't have any candles, so he used toothpicks instead--28 of them, for good measure.  Man, I love funny disaster fixes like that.  Then the night of my birthday our awesome friends watched Camden so we could go to dinner and a movie.  It was a great couple of days!

When I turn 100, I hope I've scratched a few things off of my bucket list.  I hope I've gone on a hot air balloon ride, and I hope I've climbed Machu Picchu.  I hope I've written a book, and I hope I've finally learned how to cook a few good meals.  But more than anything, really the only thing I need, is to be surrounded by people I love.  

Lake Powell 2015

A couple of interesting things I learned at Lake Powell this year:

1.)  With each annual trip, I care a little less about the state of my hair.

2.)  Apparently Zac gets incredibly polite when he's injured.  Also, I will not be trying a 360 on a wakeboard anytime soon.

3.)  Grandpa is a badass.  {Sorry, Mom, it had to be said.}  And I wouldn't get on a jet ski with him if you paid me a million dollars.

As usual, Lake Powell with the Collett family was great.  We loved having Grandma and Grandpa aboard for a few days, and the McAffees came for the last few days.  In three trips to Lake Powell, Andrea has been pregnant for two of them!  What a champ!

And it was especially nice for Camden to have another little friend to pal around with.  They are such buds.  

Prepare for lots of pictures and a few words.

Part of me thought this might be the last picture I ever took of Grandma and Grandpa--haha!  That sky, though.

Luckily they came back in one piece and schooled everyone in cards.

Lake Powell days can really wipe you out.  Nothing wrong with taking a little snooze on the beach.  With your face in the sand.

A-fishing we will go!  Camden is such a little boy now, able to go on manly adventures with his dad!  I can hardly believe it.

His favorite thing to do was {of course} go on spontaneous hikes on the surrounding cliffs.  He would go surprisingly far, and climb surprisingly steep inclines!  It was a little nerve-racking for me, scrambling up behind him, but he did excellent.  Better than me!  Is there such thing as a professional hiker?  'Cuz I think he would be the best in the nation.

The first picture Camden has ever taken...

The 178th...

Playing chase is Camden's favorite game.  Throw in some costumes and it's even better.

The talentless show this year was as funny as ever.  My favorite act was Roy and Kenny's.  They thought they were getting off easy by calling dibs on the boys.  "We're going to sing 'Popcorn Popping' with them."

It was not easy.  But it was funny to watch.

Already can't wait for next year.