Patriotic Every Day

Okay, Independence Day was 25 days ago, BUT it's good to be patriotic every day of the year, right?  Right.

This Fourth of July was suspiciously perfect.  We showed up just as the parade was starting, and it seemed all of the good seats were taken, when we overheard that some people from a retirement home group were no-shows.  Not only did the organizer let us hedge in on their space, she gave us an extra chair, a few bottles of water, and patriotic COOKIES!  I mean, did we hit the jackpot or WHAT? 

I just love sweet people like that.  She totally made this boy's day.

It was all about the vehicles, for this kid.  He was like, "Why are these teenagers playing instruments in the street?  Make way for the FIRETRUCK!!!!"

Camden did not want the parade to end, and it took a good deal of bribery to get him back on his bike and headed up the hill to our parked car.  Eventually we made it to a fair, where kids under three are free!  We met his best buddy and his parents there.  {He thinks he's too cool for hugs, but he secretly loves it.}

Rowan's daddy was nice enough to get a wristband so he could take the kids around to do everything.  They got to decorate their own hats.  Camden slapped a few dinosaurs on the side and called it good.

The train!  I was worried I would never be able to get Camden off, he thought it was the coolest thing ever.  Rowan was a little skeptical… like, "Wait a minute… this isn't a real train…"

BAM!  I'm in a picture!

We ran into some firemen who let the boys take a peek in their truck.  Camden was so infatuated he couldn't turn to look at the camera.  Currently he says he wants to be a "fyah-fytah" when he grows up, so he was checking out the gig.

After tons of fun at the fair we headed home to see Grandma and Grandpa Buckmaster had arrived!  Then the Reeds brought over their little grill and we cooked up a feast fit for the occasion {Roy insisted it would not be appropriate to eat anything but hamburgers, hot dogs, and watermelon}.

{So I insisted on the chocolate cake from Costco}

Had to get creative to make everything fit the USA theme.

Side note: Kirsten's Mickey Mouse imitation is on par.  Mickey Mouse could convince Camden to do anything--eat vegetables, take a nap, anything!

We watched the boys jump on the trampoline until it got dark, and then we headed out to look for fireworks.  We didn't really know where they would be coming from, but when we saw a bunch of cars parked in the Walmart parking lot we hopped on the band wagon.  There were a few grassy areas nearby I could think of, but we decided to stay put and roll with it.

We backed in and popped the trunks of our cars so we could sit inside.  But toddlers don't sit for long.  We had a great time running around with our streamers before the fireworks started.

And when they did start they were tiny and far away.  But we decided that was probably perfect for this age--too close can be too loud and intimidating.  They thought the little bursts of color were absolute magic, and that was all we wanted.  Thanks Walmart.

Hope your 4th was equally magical!

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