Father's Day & Friends Stay

Oh Father's Day.  I'm glad there's a day set aside for everyone to recognize what an important role fatherhood is.  Personally I feel like I hit the jackpot, because I have a father who loves me and who I know is always there for his kids, and then I have a best friend who happens to be the most fun, protective, silly dad for our sweet boy.

This post might be coming a bit late for Father's Day, but I still wanted to mention it.  Because it's thanks to this guy that I have the best job in the whole world.  And I'm grateful that he works so hard to support my dream of being home with my little guy, and then comes home himself at the end of the day with the energy to parent and play with Camden.  This is Superdad.

We've been quite busy at this home lately.  On our drive back from Utah to visit Roy's family, we picked up a couple of stragglers and brought them home with us.

We had a fun week of swimming, hiking, and jumping on the trampoline with our besties.  Cade and Camden were as thick as thieves.  They remembered each other from our last adventures {plus recognize one another from FaceTime} so it wasn't like starting from scratch.  I loved watching them have conversations and play pretend together.  When did these boys get so big?

Once upon a time we could prop these two up on a couch and take a perfect picture.  They're a little more wiggly these days, but still pretty darn cute.

Since living in this new place, we've made a few new little friends, but none so sweet and silly as Rowan.  We love him.  This boy joined right in on the fun, and we had quite the little posse running around.

This kid cracks me up.  While the other boys were happy to pause along the hiking trail to admire some bugs or brandish a couple of sticks, Camden was {once again} set on getting to the end of the trail.  This is one goal-oriented boy.

He did, however, consent to stopping for a moment at each bridge to throw rocks into the stream.  But only if the rocks were big enough.

While holding my hand and hiking back down the trail he kept telling me, "Mama, I love hiking."

Cade introduced bug squashing, which was inevitable.  Little boys are hilarious!
What I love most about this kid is how fantastic his imagination is, and how sweet he is to include us in  his games.  Also, who doesn't love that boyish mop of hair?

Even though hiking with toddlers is fun, it's exhausting work.

And dirty work!  But we love little smudgy handprints around here.  It's the mark of a good mom, right?  Right?

Andrea and Cade left a few days before Father's Day, so while they were here we decided to prep together.  It was the first time I could explain to Camden what Father's Day was all about.  He calls it "Dada's Day," which makes it twice as adorable.

Oh, have I mentioned how challenging it is to make these toddlers sit still and smile for a picture?

We had the boys paint banners, and we also had them decorate shirts for their dads.  Got the idea off Pinterest, of course, but forgot to take a good picture of the finished products.  However, fun was had by all.  {And popsicles were used as bribes.}

We loved having our friends stay with us and were sad to see them go.  For the next two days Camden was saying, "Where Cade go?  Where Cade's Mama go?"  Of course he was also asking for Danny Jay.  He loves his friends.

On the morning of Father's Day we had cinnamon rolls and bacon, and Camden proudly gave Daddy his gifts we made together.  He just adores his dad, and I know Roy adores him right back.  Then there's me just melting into a happy/emotional puddle about it all, loving them both something fierce.  

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