Recording as many little moments and Camden-isms as I can, knowing that he's growing too fast.
This kid is talking tons, learning like crazy, and making me laugh like I couldn't have ever imagined I would.  

He's totally into pulling faces and making funny sounds.  He thinks he's hilarious.

He's an extremely cautious kid.  At the zoo he loved the animatronic dinosaurs and couldnt stop talking about them, but wouldn't get too close.  He still talks about the one that "spit" at him.  {Spewed water.}

Sings along to songs in the car, and will often ask me to stop singing so he can belt it solo.

When he sees other kid his age he says, "Oh! A little friend!"

When he says hi to someone he always starts with "Oh!"  Like, "Oh, hi Mama!"  Like it's the biggest surprise to see me.

This truck is a current favorite.  Camden likes to pretend to go to the station to fill up on gas.  Except for some reason he calls gasoline "milk."  Is it bad I don't have the heart to correct him?  "Truck need milk, Mama!  Fill up the milk!"  {Also, I love that he pronounces it mee-lk.}

Lately the big, hilarious thing is to make up words like, "Goo-ka-bah!" and "Hachi-ree-ba-doo!"  No one makes him laugh harder than himself.  {Takes after his mama.}

And then there's the way he says, "No thank you please."
Like, "Camden, it's time to go to bed."
"Oh, no thank you please."
And then I'm stuck there like, "Well that was too cute and polite to argue with, my dapper little gentleman."

Being this boy's mom is the best.  We have our "terrible two" moments for sure, but he is such a sweetheart, and smart and funny… just the best.  And his dad?  Again, the BEST!  How did I win the life jackpot?  Love my family.

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