Anyone else smell sunscreen and dirt?  WE DO!

I know we are newbies to this town, but May has been way cool.  And I don't mean cool as in bomb-diggidy, I mean I am still wearing jackets and wool socks!  Apparently it's been unseasonably nice in Tucson as well.  Even though most Arizonans are thanking their lucky rabbit's foot, I'm a little ticked.  I am ready for swimming and sprinklers and s'mores and sunshine and ssss-popsicles!  

Bring on the melted crayons and the new arm freckles!

And bring on ANDREA!  She and Cade are coming to visit us this summer, and this text conversation should sum up why I'm so excited....

Another summer favorite... KIRSTEN!  Camden's most hilarious aunt is leaving for a National Geographic-esque hike along the Alaska Peninsula today, but when she gets back we get to have her with us for a couple of weeks!  That is, as long as she can outrun all the Grizzlies in Aniakchak!

We hope she has a great time and can't wait to see her.

The point of this rant?  Bring on SUMMAH!

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