Anyone else smell sunscreen and dirt?  WE DO!

I know we are newbies to this town, but May has been way cool.  And I don't mean cool as in bomb-diggidy, I mean I am still wearing jackets and wool socks!  Apparently it's been unseasonably nice in Tucson as well.  Even though most Arizonans are thanking their lucky rabbit's foot, I'm a little ticked.  I am ready for swimming and sprinklers and s'mores and sunshine and ssss-popsicles!  

Bring on the melted crayons and the new arm freckles!

And bring on ANDREA!  She and Cade are coming to visit us this summer, and this text conversation should sum up why I'm so excited....

Another summer favorite... KIRSTEN!  Camden's most hilarious aunt is leaving for a National Geographic-esque hike along the Alaska Peninsula today, but when she gets back we get to have her with us for a couple of weeks!  That is, as long as she can outrun all the Grizzlies in Aniakchak!

We hope she has a great time and can't wait to see her.

The point of this rant?  Bring on SUMMAH!

Head in the Game

Sometimes I get a little over eager for the next step, the next cool big kid move.  When Cam was sitting, I wanted him to be crawling, when he was crawling I wanted him to be walking, when he was walking I wanted him to be running.  But wait, wait, I want it all to slow down too!

It's a constant struggle between keeping him little forever, and the joy of watching him grow and learn--becoming his own, capable little person.

So now there's bikes.  Camden toddles very slowly, but very determinedly on his balance bike.  Some of his friends {not much older than he is} can zoom right past him, but Cam is thrilled to be moving at a snail's pace.

I reach down to push him faster, to show him how to keep up with his friends--then I stop myself.  His wobbling is pretty adorable.  Soon enough he'll be speeding off on his own, but for now let him toddle slowly beside me, chatting and looking to me for approval.  

Yeah.  Let's wait on the zooming.

This last weekend we had a wonderful reunion with our friends from law school.  When we met we were all just a bunch of newlyweds, fresh out of undergrad.  Now all of these dudes are employed attorneys, we are all parents, and now the Bowens are home owners!  My my, how we are growing up.

But not too grown up for a slumber party weekend, of course!  The Smiths are getting ready to move to NYC for a new job opportunity, so it felt like a bit of a last hurrah.  Who knows when all three of our families will be together again.

There was bike riding and swimming...

And the main event... A birthday party!

Such a fun little birthday.  And for me, a reminder of one of the greatest consistencies of parenthood: kids keep growing.  There is no pause button, the moments keep coming.  The trick is to enjoy them in their brevity.  Eventually kids will walk, they will run, they will ride their bikes on a college campus, so stop dreaming about it and get your head in the game so you don't miss the precious steps they take to get there.

A good reminder.