It's April, You Fool!

It was an average morning; just like I wanted.  I packed Roy a lunch while he helped Camden clean up breakfast.  He gave us both kisses and took his brown paper bag as he headed out the door for work.

Ten minutes later I got a text.

"What did you do to my sandwich?"

There was nothing unusual about his sandwich, but I love that every April 1st my first prank begins all on its own.  The, what-is-she-going-to-do-this-year terror that lasts throughout the day.  Muahaha!  Isn't Roy so lucky?

Cam and I executed the prank while still in the early morning.  As I walked through the parking lot at Roy's work {shrink wrap in one hand, toddler grasping the other} I suddenly felt like turning back.  There were police cars parked everywhere.  There were prosecutors milling around.  I didn't want to get in trouble!  {Hello?  Am I 14?}

But with the spirit of April Fools, we got it done.  We even had officers laughing as they passed, or lawyers stopping to ask who it was I was pranking.  My clothes got super dirty from crawling underneath the car to pull the shrink wrap through, but it was worth it.  The entire car was double-layer wrapped up tight.

We added a message that said, "Happy April Fools Day, Dad!" onto the window, and then snuck out of the parking lot.  Camden didn't quite get the whole idea--he was sad we weren't going into the office to see Daddy--but he did think the car was silly.

A few hours later Roy texted me, "You stinker!  Everyone is taking pictures with the car!"
Just helping my husband make new friends at his new job--or maybe just giving his the reputation as the guy with the crazy wife.  Either way...

Later in the day Roy texted, "The plastic is melting onto the car!"

Not gonna lie, he got me for about five seconds and I totally freaked out.  That would have been the worst prank backfire!  BTW, has anyone noticed that Roy's pranks are a lot nicer than mine?

This year Camden had his first April Fool's prank.  When I was asking him if he wanted a yummy lunch he said, "No yummy lunch!"
So I said, "Oh!  Do you want a yucky lunch?"
He thought that was an awesome idea.  "Yeah!"

So I sat him down with rocks and weeds and told him, "Okay, here's your yucky lunch."

The sweet boy tentatively tasted one rock and then laughed, "Yucky lunch!  No yucky lunch!"

Oh - and there was one last prank of the day, which I will not picture here because it's gross.  But funny!  Since we moved Camden has had a little bit of a potty training adjustment, so when Roy saw a little #2 accident on the lip of the toilet seat, he was all like, "UGH!  Camden!!!"

He brought me in to look at it, and I immediately picked it up with my hands.  Roy's eyes went wide for a split second before he remembered April Fool's Day wasn't over yet.

Just soggy cardboard from a toilet paper roll.  Hehehehe!  This day doesn't come around often enough! {Roy would disagree.}

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