Hoppy Easter

Ok guys, this is it.  My holiday rookie year has officially begun.  Before now these kinds of things went over Cam's head, but this Easter he grasped not only the egg-hunting concept, but even gleaned some tiny understanding of the true meaning of the holiday.

Listen.  I have been waiting all of my life for this.  Holidays, traditions, family memories, these are my real-life unicorns, and now I get to captain the magic for my own little tribe.  Excuse me while I throw a cartwheel.

The week leading up to Easter we talked about the big day a lot.  We have a little illustrated children's Bible, and we read the story of Jesus' resurrection multiple times a day--he asked for it every night.  Who knows how much he understood, but it was at least an introduction.  Then for story time at the library, there was an Easter egg hunt, where Cam caught the gist real fast.

That week we did a couple of fun Easter activities.  
Since he is in love with letters right now, I put magnetic letters into plastic eggs and hid them around the house for him.  Once he found and opened one, he had to match his little letter with the correct one written on a square on the floor.  We played it for three days, he loved it!

We also did color matching.  Pipe cleaners slide right into those little holes drilled into the plastic eggs.

These logical games are all the rave around here.  Crafts?  Not so much.  Cam was much more interested in sorting the crayons than helping me with these bunny ears.  But hey, at least he enjoyed wearing them for three seconds.

All geared up and ready for the weekend, the only thing missing was more family.  There was the first sting of moving away from mine.

But thanks to UofA losing in the NCAA tournament, Mom and Dad came up for the weekend!  It was my first time rooting against the cats, but hey--it was for a good cause.  We were thrilled to have Grammy and Papa with us for the Easter/Conference weekend.

Saturday we went to Town Square {along with every single person in the quad-city area} for some games and egg hunting.  Both were kind of disappointing, but Camden didn't know, so we didn't tell him.  Despite the disorganized crowds, we enjoyed the real grass and the trees springing to life.  It's the springiest spring this Tucson girl has ever seen!  {Look out, Dr. Seuss!}

Between conference sessions we did some Easter egg dying.  Colors splashing everywhere, Cam experimented with plopping each egg in every cup.  Yet somehow all of the eggs were ending up pink.  Rookie mistake - use vinegar for all the colors except pink.  Pink is kind of an attention hog.

In the morning Cam discovered the Easter bunny had hidden eggs all over our backyard!  And best of all… there were CARS in his Easter basket!  Pure joy.

We had a bunny breakfast.

And Roy got a little creative.

And then we brought it all back to the reason we do any of this by watching General Conference.  Camden mostly played with his new cars and stuffed bunny, but that little sponge sees what's important to us.  The older he gets, the more he will be able to understand.

For the first time I made our traditional Easter dinner--I even cooked the ham.  There's nothing better than seeing your family together around the table, not gagging on something you cooked.

Roy made some Brazilian cheesy rolls to share with us.

We finished off the day with a bike ride at sunset.  And maybe a cartwheel.

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