Alexa Gets Hitched

Full-on crying isn't normally my thing, but when my sweet little sister told me she was getting married I bawled.  Of course the most sincere joy brings out the ugly face and the waterworks, that only makes sense, right?  {???}  

But this girl deserves the most wonderful companion, and it's pretty evident she found him.  This guy is so good to her, and we were all happy to welcome him into our family.  Honestly, I just know how life-changingly amazing it is to be married and sealed to your best friend.  I wish it for everyone I love, and I don't think I realized just how much I wanted it for Alexa until I was blubbering over the phone.  

Five months was just like BAM!  and suddenly we were boarding a plane for Salt Lake City, the location of the couple's favorite temple.  

It was a beautiful spring day.  The gardens were beautiful, the flowers were lovely, but she was the one turning heads.  What a gorgeous bride.

I hesitated to post about this beautiful day just yet because I don't have any real pictures.  I ripped these ones off of Facebook, but the professional pictures are spectacular!  Hopefully I'll get a chance to pop a few more on here later.  For now my phone documentation will have to suffice.

The sealing ceremony was simple and perfectly sweet, and the couple couldn't stop smiling even if they wanted to.  It was hard to hold back the ugly tears of joy.  Even my mom held it together better than I did!  There was just SO much love betwixt our families and dear friends, it was palpable!!

Then we got to line up outside of the temple doors to see them emerge as Mr. and Mrs. Schulte!  Precious!

We took pictures for a long time, which was kind of fun.  I tried to keep up my bridesmatronly duties by keeping her train from dragging on the ground and making sure every strand of hair stayed in place, but honestly I don't think the girl could have cared less.  She was too busy being the happiest woman alive.

Then it was fancy wedding luncheon time.

Fed up with posing by this point, Camden started trying to look away whenever I pointed my phone in his general direction.  "No pictures!"  Haha!  Is it bad that it makes me laugh?  Also, how cute is the bow tie that Alexa's new sister-in-law made?

While the bride and groom were distracted, a bunch of us skittered downstairs to decorate the couple's getaway car.

The boys were obviously really excited about it.

Back up to the luncheon, the bride and groom and parents sat up at the front while we all ate and celebrated.  There was toasting and reminiscing and talk of a beautiful future.  The temple served as a perfect backdrop during it all.  What a blessing in our lives, to know we can be sealed as families forever.

When it was all over we knew it wasn't really over.  There was still a wedding reception to rush home to in Tucson!  Party!!!!

Before jumping back onto a plane, we were lucky enough to get to see some of our favorite people on this earth!

By beautiful coincidence, Grandma Buckmaster happened to be in the area that very week!  {Well done, Leah!}  Camden needs to see this wonderful person much, much more!  We got to go out to dinner with Sue, Melissa, Jeramelin, Leah, Jamie, Danny Jay, and Grandma Buck, where I had some amazing sweet potato pasta concoction that I will spend the rest of my life trying to duplicate.

Roy got to go to a basketball game for a bit, but he also got to take Camden down to Leah and Jamie's house for some extra family time.

Then one night Roy had an MTC reunion with some great guys from his days serving a mission in Brazil.  Naturally, that meant girls night for me, Shellena, and Andrea.  {Is it still considered a girl's night if there are kids running around and insisting you construct train tracks and dance like a princess with them?}

Talk about a whirlwind trip.  But I have to say, it makes it so much easier having such a good littler traveler.

Although he's been in love with airplanes for well over a year now, this was the first time he fully understood that we were inside of one and we would be going "high in the sky."  It was way exciting for him, as we pointed out tiny cars below and fluffy clouds alongside us.  And although he didn't do much sleeping, he really was perfectly content.  How did I get so lucky?

Gentleman in training.  "C'mon GG!"

The reception in Tucson was stunning.  Beneath strands of lights in our parents backyard we celebrated Alexa and Jake with food and dancing and cake and merry-making.  Sweet Alexa, I couldn't possibly cry any uglier--I couldn't possibly be any happier for you without bursting!  Congratulations, we love you and Jacob!

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