Sister of the Bride

Alright let's back it up!

Sorry to get the chronology all out of whack, but before the chaos with the broken ankle and the moving, there was a bridal shower for my beautiful little sister.  When this girl first told me she was getting married I straight up started weeping.  And I'm not a weeper!  This girl is so special and she deserves every happiness--I'm so excited for her!

As usual, Mom and her sisters put on a perfect party, this time with the theme being "love makes the world go 'round."  On the invitation I was listed as one of the hostesses, but I actually didn't have to do too much in the way of planning.  Those ladies did a great job.

Alexa will attest to the deliciousness of the food...

And the thoughtfulness of the gifts...

And the awesomeness of the veil I made her out of the ribbons.  Nailed it.

Lex and I are lucky we have such a creative mom, who is beautiful inside and out.

As the matron of honor {is there a more decrepit-sounding word than "matron"?} it was my duty to throw Alexa a bachelorette party!  Camden thought he was coming.

I gave instructions that the girls come wearing either a bridesmaid dress from their past, or an old thrifted would-be bridesmaid dress.  Alexa wore my old Cotillion dress, and we geared up for the most epic paintball fight in female amateur history.

{Like super amateur.  If our cousin, Andrew, hadn't shown up, we would have had to resort to a water balloon fight.  We were that clueless.}

Don't mess!

All of us went down into the wash behind my grandpa's house and split into teams.  My adrenaline hasn't been that high in I don't know how long!  Scrambling through the desert while paintballs fly past your head will do that to you, I guess.

We had a blast for about forty minutes, before some crazy old lady emerged from the bushes and told us we were on her property.  But by then we were all happily paint-splattered with minimal bleeding and bruising, so we were fine with heading out.

The funniest part was after we left the wash we made Alexa stand still so we could all just shoot at her. That girl has guts!  #anythingforacoolpicture

Without cleaning ourselves up or changing clothes, the whole group headed out to dinner.  That earned some stares and comments.  Lots of "congratulations!" were shouted.  And a few gasps, "Your dress?!!!"

I should have taken pictures with my real camera, but Lex looked adorable.

And a little crazy.  We all looked crazy.  But it was fun, I wish I could do it all over again with this girl.  Love her!

Welcome to the Camden Tangent section of the post.  Can't resist.
On one of our last free days before the move, we went to the Tucson Children's Museum with a couple of little friends.  Pretty sure we found the holy grail of little boydom in this firetruck.

You'll notice he's constantly "driving" these days.  Anything with wheels is the bee's knees.

Oh, one more thing to make you smile.  Whenever Camden hears a small beeping sound, like a timer going off or anything like that, he lights up and says, "Food!"  And then he will go hunting for a microwave.

Food and cars, my friends.  That's all a 2-year-old boy needs in life.

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