Last Days in Sahuarita

After I got that phone call from Roy--the one where he told me he got the job--I suddenly developed a hyper sensitivity to all of the great things about southern Arizona.  All the unique beauty, for example.  Or the perks, like wearing shorts in February or not having to own a snow shovel.

Even though we were excited for our new adventure, the nostalgia was in full force.  We really soaked up our last days living in Sahuarita, even though it was chaotic.

As our living room began filling up with cardboard boxes, Camden discovered how fun they can be.

I was grateful for every distraction I could get, so we could get packing.  Roy was able to help a lot {before the broken ankle} since he got home from work so early.  But it also meant that he woke up SO early.

He might kill me when he sees I posted this… but I think it's so funny.  Since we basically lived on different sleeping schedules for his work, this eye mask was something of a lifesaver.  And a fashion statement.  Obvi.

This hunk and I had a great Valentine's.  First, we went on a little trip--just the two of us--to find a place to live.  We got a hotel and tried to relax that night, even though finding an affordable place to rent had been a nightmare all day.

The next morning the stars aligned and we landed the perfect little place-it felt right the moment we walked in.  It was such a relief, and made the move seem less intimidating to know exactly where we would be calling "home."

The next week, on the real and actual love holiday, Roy and I went to Kartchner Caverns.  It was kind of nerdy and interesting and we held hands through the whole tour and made secret/never-really-gonna-happen plans to break into the cave to explore it ourselves.

We finished off the day with a trip to Patagonia Lake.  You know, to have a romantic walk on the beach, or something.  Really we were just soaking up more of that Southern Arizona we were gonna miss so much.

But in our last days we were able to squeeze in one last rainstorm...

A few breathtaking sunsets...

Desert hikes with Papa and Rambo...

And laughs with Cam's best pal.

For days Camden had been asking to go visit GG and Great Grandpa.  We were lucky enough to score a beautiful morning over there, where both Cam and his sweet friend had a blast.  Coolest Great Grandparents ever!

"Land ho!"
These shipmates were always together.  It made my heart ache to know that they could never guess their daily adventures together were coming to an end.

And then, of course, we spent all the time we possibly could with Grammy and Papa.

Our last afternoon at our favorite park.  I remember when he was a baby, being so excited for the day that I could sit back and watch him run all over the jungle gym and zip down the slides.  And stop eating the wood chips.  Boom--it happened so fast.

Leaving was painful.  Leaving was thrilling.  Who knew those emotions could co-exist?
But knowing we will be going back to visit often {what's four hours on the road, right?} helped me to enjoy the exciting prospect of the new life ahead of us.

Here we've already found unique beauty.  Here we've already found perks.  Like wearing scarves in March, or getting to own a flowering tree that isn't covered in thorns.

Here we're already finding new favorite parks and new friends, and we're already calling this place "home."  

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