Merry Christmas To All… And to Roy a Good Birthday

On Roy's very first Christmas Eve with my family {days before we were engaged} we did something special and outside of our normal tradition.  We went out into the desert, made a bonfire, and ate shepherd's pie under the starry sky while reading the nativity story.  Apparently the new custom is to do this to celebrate whenever a person is brave enough to agree to marry into the Collett family.

It was great to get to know this guy better.  He is awesome, and we couldn't be happier for Alexa!

After eating some seriously amazing pie that I'm sure the shepherds only wished they could have gorged on, we shared testimonies and had some spiritual bonding time.  The night was beautiful; perhaps we would have enjoyed it longer if Camden wasn't so restless.  He knew there was chocolate in the house.

No cookies for Santa here!

Awkward self-timer pics, boo-yah!

It was a long night.  But it was all worth it in the morning to see his little face light up.

Cars cars cars!  Anything with wheels put this boy over the moon.

With Camden happily occupied, we set about getting Roy's birthday breakfast underway.  {AKA, Dad supervised Roy making his own breakfast. ;-p}

Celebrating Roy's birthday before diving at the Christmas tree was a really nice change.

Jacob fits in well.  Too well...

Happy birthday, love.  You're amazing and there's no one I'd rather be with.  Also, you're a hottie.  Thinkin' you should wear that hat err' day.

Christmas 2014

After Mexican food and a white elephant gift exchange at Grandma and Grandpa Reay's house, we headed down to Rocky Point Mexico to join Families Helping Families.

Mason didn't even need tools.

Pretty cool experience.  We got to help 200 other volunteers make four sturdy houses for families in need.  Families that were living on dumps {literally landfills} in cardboard structures.  Some of these families had nothing for the holidays.  As one mother put it, "We gave each other hugs for Christmas."

Talk about perspective.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas next to a decorated tree and I hope you gave gifts that lit up sweet little faces.  But I hope you gave hugs too.  Snuggled close to those you love most.  And stopped for a moment to think of that first, quiet night, and to feel the deep, unending love.  #heisthegift

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