Grammy Camp: Reindeer Games

Every Christmas decoration in my house is still up.  I'm still humming along to the holiday station on Pandora.  I'm still plugging in the lights in the yard the moment there's a sunset.  This year I've got some pretty ugly denial--I'm just not ready for Christmas to be over!

So please forgive my nostalgia as I recount the events at the spectacular Grammy Camp, 2014!

This year I had high hopes that Camden would be old enough to participate in all of the cute activities.  Starting with decorating ginger bread houses, of course.

Really, though, I don't know what I was thinking.  Putting a tray filled with candy in front of Camden, and then telling him not to eat it, but to stick it into some delicious-looking frosting so we can just look at it???  That's a very special kind of torture for my food-loving son.

So basically I decorated a ginger bread house in the company of these two cuties and Camden, who sat on my lap inhaling sugar.

Obviously I couldn't get Camden to smile for a picture, hence his absence.^^  Kal is nine months older than Cam, and quite possibly the funniest two-year-old I have ever met.  I had my camera out, and when my kid wouldn't crack a grin with the other littles, Kal jumped out of his seat, stood behind the camera, and said, "Cam, look at me!  Look at me!" and started waving his arms around and pulling funny faces to make him laugh.

Oh.  My gosh.  I love two.

After ginger bread houses, it was time for the reindeer games!  It was Team Rudolph vs Team Dasher, so everyone donned their jerseys and antlers before heading outside.

Sure there are times I wish we had real seasons.  But then there are times I'm glad we don't.  While most of the US is under snow, our kids are running around barefoot on the lawn collecting "reindeer poop"?  {Don't worry, it was Coco Puffs.}

The newest little cousin, Brody, came to cheer everyone on.  Go Team Dasher!

Counting poop.

All lined up and listening attentively.

Except for Camden...

Again, what was I thinking?

Moving on.
When I was a kid we left a few carrots for Santa's reindeer, but apparently these days reindeer are getting spoiled with special, glittery magic mixes.  This is gonna have to be a tradition.

The kids couldn't get enough of this game.  They threw a reindeer bean bag at the "Christmas tree" to knock it down.  Toddler approved: even Cam knocked it over {although he skipped the bean bag and just went straight up Godzilla on that tree}.

The reindeer ringtoss.  I mean, really, who comes up with these things?  I want their job.

My little spectator.

The final outdoor event was a reindeer scavenger hunt, complete with rhyming clues like it was straight out of a Dr. Seuss book.  It got pretty competitive, and someone had to guard the pool to keep eager kids from tripping into the water.

And then a completely reindeer-themed lunch, followed by more sugar.

When we recycled those glass bottles we left the eyes and noses in tact.  Hopefully that gave some Waste Management employee a little Christmas chuckle.

After eating there were a few more games played inside, but Camden checked out for a nap, and my camera checked out due to a full card.  But I'm sure you can imagine, it was adorable and magic.

That's what these sister grammys do, and we love them for it.

I have high hopes for next year...

'Cuz Grammy Camp is simply the best!

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