Camden's Two: Banana Party

Our boy is two.

Oh, and how I love him, my little shadow.  There's this very soft, gentle way he sometimes says "Mama" that makes me melt.  That little word is so full of comfort and adoration, like I'm the center of his world.  There's only one other word he ever says with such intense love:


The kid likes to eat, but bananas?  Hey, they're ranked right up there with his own mother.

Naturally, he needed to experience the banana split for his second birthday.  Curious George is currently one of his favorite shows, and he also likes the books, but really it was just an afterthought that went with bananas.

Weeks before the big day we were training him on the response to, "How old are you?"
He quickly learned to say, "Two!"  But he still holds up all of his fingers, and then stares at them in concentration for like thirty seconds while he tries to figure out how to make three of them go down.

This year it was purely a family affair.  We are lucky to have so much family nearby, and even luckier that there are some fun kids for Camden to hang out with.

Camden loves GG {Great-Grandma}.  Even when she's not around he'll sometimes talk about her like he wishes she were.  It's especially funny since {other than his mama} he really doesn't care that much about women.  He's still a dude's dude, through and through.  But GG has a special place in his heart.
This is him thanking her for the cool car and helicopter she got him.

Opening gifts was a concept he actually seemed to grasp this year!  Except he wanted to play with each new toy for a few hours before moving onto the next present.  He didn't even know what to do with himself, he loved it all.

Most especially… the banana split.

Haha!  Sydney!

Thanks to Grammy and Papa for letting us have another little party at their house, and thanks to Grammy for helping me get it together.  He loves you both.

Finally!  I caught it on camera!  Camden's big, open-mouthed kiss.  It's wet.

Later that evening, Roy and I gave him his first bike.  We've ridden it almost every day since!


You have at least twenty favorite books, and Brown Bear is still one of them.  That poor book barely has a spine left on it, you have loved on it so much.  If I let you, you would bring me book after book to read all day long.

The bear hug is your big thing right now.  It's not just any hug; you have to take a running start and slam into us while growling.  Sometimes you knock me over and we laugh and hug our guts out.

Anything with wheels grasps your full and utter attention.  And you always emphasize, "BIG truck!!!" with huge eyes and a smile like you're the luckiest kid alive.

You like to do summersaults off couches, crash your toy cars off tables, and point out letters you recognize on everything from construction signs to bottles of soap.  But I think your favorite thing to do is to dance with Mom and Dad to crazy fast music.  Index fingers pointing, of course.

Wow, are you talking.  I can't always understand what you're saying, but you keep on talking anyway. These days I wake up in the morning to your call.  "Mama!  Maaaaamaaaa!!!!"  I love it so much!

I'm so proud of how smart, sweet, and kind you are.  Happy birthday, my beautiful boy.

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