Adios 2014

11:59 I opened the front door and stood on the porch in my socks watching the miracle that fell from the sky.  Snow is pretty rare in the Sonoran, if you hadn't guessed.  It flurried down, seeming to leave the whole desert in silent shock.  We had celebrated the new year with friends hours earlier, but I still wanted to be up for the actual moment.

Midnight, that actual moment, an air horn broke the silence.  There was shouting, cheering, and the distant beating of pots and pans.  I'd never been more grateful to live in a neighborhood so smashed full of houses, all close together for a moment of unity: welcoming 2015.

Some people hate resolutions and the whole new year thing, but I think it's fantastic.  It brings people together to reflect on the past year, and also looking forward toward progression, betterment, higher and untraveled roads.

My list of resolutions is hanging inside of a kitchen cabinet, and I've already bent one of them.  But I think that's okay.  It's not about being perfect, it's about becoming the person I want to become, however I might get there.  I'm happy as long as these two are on the journey with me.

Here are a bunch of stragglers.  Pictures from the wonderful and spectacular year that was 2014.

 The year of the book-reading obsession.  Or, hopefully, the first of many years!

 These little buddies never want to be too far apart.

 The center of my world.

The first morning of 2015 the snow was almost completely gone.

But it was just enough of a winter wonderland for us.  We made tiny hand snow angles, and the toy cars went ice skating.

And all of our plants froze to death...

Except for our tree, which was covered in beautiful ice droplets.

 A fresh, cool start to 2015, I think.
So.  Adios 2014.

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