Trick or Treating Hater

I had big dreams for Halloween.

We had the perfectly coordinated family costume that was easy for the adults, and adorable for Camden.  There was a little hiccup with costume size, so my awesome friend Bonnie taught me how to add some fabric.  Crisis averted.

Then Cam and I took an emergency trip to Mexico, and we missed a couple of Halloween parties.  So I made mummy hot dogs, bought dry ice for the cauldron, and invited a bunch of friends over to eat before going out to trick-or-treating together.  Crisis averted.

But, there was one crisis we couldn't solve.  Camden was a trick-or-treating hater.  And, as they say, haters gonna hate.

I chalk it up to his experience the night before Halloween.  We took him to my great-aunt's assisted living home for their special night of handing out candy from their apartment doorways.  Cute idea, right?  We got to see Aunt Joy, and we thought it would be perfect practice for Camden.  You know, so he could start to grasp the whole trick-or-treating gig.

I won't go into details {picture people confined to wheelchairs with oxygen tanks coaxing you into their apartment and trying to grab the bag you're holding} but the poor guy just didn't really understand the environment.  Didn't understand why he had to stand right up close to them and open a bag.  Lots of tears.

So Halloween night, after eating with our friends, we dragged him kicking and screaming to two houses and then tapped out.

Wise decision, it turned out.  He had way more fun gorging on chocolate and handing out candy than he ever would have had trick-or-treating.

He ditched the costume pretty quick, and I let him run around shirtless because it was warm and I knew sticky candy would soon be like an extra layer of skin.

We introduced him to Hocus Pocus, a Halloween classic, and snuggled in with some chocolate.

And every time the doorbell rang or there was a knock at the door, Camden jumped up from Roy's lap and zipped to the front door.  He carefully dropped one piece of candy per bag {I was behind him adding more} and saying, "Tay too."  {Thank you.}  It was very serious business.

Even though we occasionally got backed up with traffic because he was so meticulous and precise, he was a hit.  The kids loved him, and he enjoyed seeing all the costumes.

There will come Halloweens when he wants to stay out with his friends all night.  But this year, he wanted to stay in with Mom and Dad all night.  Hey, I'll take it.

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