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Roy was jealous.  I was hanging out with his parents, sister, and best friends while he was stuck in Arizona.  On the phone he said something to the effect of, "You're with all of my favorite people!  ARG!"

Sorry sucka!  
Just kidding, he was actually very missed.  Being with the Tietjens and the McAffees, we seemed totally incomplete without Roy and his philosophical questions and banter.  We were just barely able to have any fun without him ;-).

One of the first nights we got together for a little autumn bonfire up the canyon.  Camden {my little vegetarian} surprised me and ate two hot dogs. I look like I ate about 6 million hot dogs, but I'm just wearing Kenny's voluptuous coat.  

Camden tried to sit in one of the camping chairs and it folded in on him and fell backward.  It was one of those bad parenting moments when your first reaction is to laugh.  We also destroyed one of Shellena's pots making baked beans and Cade lost his favorite "dig" toy in the fast-approaching darkness.  All in all, a beautiful disaster.

Cookie decorating went better, although Camden had a hard time grasping the concept of not immediately shoving the cookie into his mouth.  When it comes to food, this child has no restraint.  Or patience.

"Mom, why are we dumping glitter on my perfectly good cookie???"

Both of my brothers are currently living in Provo/Orem area going to school, so we got to see some of them.  Zac's girlfriend also happened to be in town that same week, so she, Allie {her cousin}, and Emily Johnson all took Camden to Cornbelly's.

Jumping castles, hay mazes, and carnival games; this boy was loving it.  His favorite things were the hay rides, jumping air pillows, and going on this slide over and over and over again.  {I think each of us went down with him at least once.}

Thanks to Cade, the McAffee house was pretty much a continuation of Cornbelly's for Camden.

How cute are these little juniors?

Andrea and I took the boys out for some animal fun at Thanksgiving Point.  Again, Cam couldn't get enough of the "moo"s and the "neigh"s.  In fact, he may have been a little too mesmerized.  Cade had to drag him along so we weren't stuck at the same animal all day.

But the highlight.  The coolest thing Camden has yet done in his life.  Behold.  The pony ride.

He had so much fun he didn't ever want to get off.  Fortunately for the pony, we were required to get off after a five minutes.

The boys loved the sheep {sheep are freaky} and the smelly chickens.  We went on a ride in a horse-pulled wagon and played in the land of Oz.

Staying at the McAffee bed and breakfast is just awesome, and we're grateful they took us in.  There was lots of train time, playing in the sandbox, and Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood.  Two peas in a pod.

Picking and eating raspberries like there's no tomorrow.

The boys are so fun, and such little products of their dads!  Cade plays fearless and Camden plays logical.  It's the circle of life, people.

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