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Dude.  I need to post a video of Camden dancing.  It's YouTube-sensation worthy.  {And yes you can trust that I'm not biased.  Of course.}

He does high-knees in place as fast as he can, and alternates throwing each arm over his head with index fingers wiggling.  Where did he learn this?  It's so outrageous, I laugh every time.  Especially when he breaks into this dance during a reverent hymn at church.

More appropriate, but just as adorable, were his dance moves at the Witch Fest in Gardner Village, Utah. 

My favorite thing about the Witch Fest was seeing all of the people who came dressed up as witches.  Some went all out: pointy hats, green body paint, brooms, fake warts.  My second favorite was watching the breeze gently sweep the orange leaves out of the trees and send them tumbling to the ground in a constant stream.

Another favorite is watching Story mother Camden.  This sweet girl loved helping him, comforting him, and leading him.

And sometimes Camden needs all the leading he can get...

Oh.  And it must be noted the way in which we traveled to Gardner Village…

Three babies in the back, two babes in the passenger street.  Once upon a time all six of us {Tietjens, McAffees, & Buckmasters) used to be able to squeeze into one car.  Crazy and beautiful how our families have grown.  Just kind of scary to be ducking down at the sight of every possible cop.

Speaking of which, meeting Ainsley was sweet.  Since I was getting over a cold, it was torture not to hold her for the first few days of our trip.  She is so tiny and cute, with a good set of lungs and the perfect nuzzling capabilities.

We love staying at the Tietjen Bed and Breakfast.  Camden surprised me by running upstairs to play with Story and Cade without so much as a backward glance.  I think he might have a crush on Story, who also happens to love to dance.  Or, as she likes to request, "Prince me!"

Since baby Ainsley was still staying in Shellena and Carson's bedroom with them, Camden broke in her bed for her.  He'd never seen so much pink in all his life.

One day Mason came over to hang out for a while.  Another day Zac picked us up and took us to see Rick Walton, my old writing mentor from BYU days.  Truly awesome guy, I wish I'd taken a pic!  Although if I looked away from Camden for even a second he would have been pulling a cat's tail or pulling books off of shelves.

 Couldn't get the boy to jump in leaves, but he was thrilled exploring the Tietjen's neighborhood.

One night we had a girl's night out while Carson and Kenny watched the kids.  {Aren't they awesome?}  Somewhere between Costa Vida and the Iceberg drive-in I confided that I'd always wanted to cut my hair short, but had always been too chicken.

Next thing you know,  I've been taken down the street to some random salon.
Last pic of the long hair…

And the finished product…

The change was drastic, but needed.  And although the hairdresser was a gamble, I figured if I couldn't take chances with something as simple and impermanent as hair, I was pretty boring.  So grateful for supportive friends who helped me take the leap.

We thought it would be fun to surprise Roy, so for the next couple of days I was careful not to show past my chin when we talked on Facetime, and careful not to post anything on social media.  In the meantime, we enjoyed our pajama-clad mornings.

And late night chats with hot cocoa and a sleeping newborn.

On our last day we got to go to Ainsley's baby blessing.  That girl has a lot of fans already.  Including Camden, who was eager to call her "a bebe."

Saying goodbye is always hard.  Especially when you can't breathe.

Thanks for another awesome stay, Tietjens.  We love you!

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